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Smappee Monitor

  • Clear insights into your energy consumption
  • No subscription fee, this is a one-time purchase
  • Free smappee app from the App Store and Google Play and automatic free updates
  • From 10 to 30 % savings on your electricity cost, without losing comfort
  • You contribute to a better environment
  • One free Comfort Plug included

Configure your Smappee

Select country, to ensure correct measurements.

Select the appropriate box to ensure correct measurements. More Info

In case you have Solar Panels, you need to select the proper Smappee version in order to guarantee correct measurements.

Smappee comes in two versions:

  • Smappee T, the regular version, which supports up to 3 inputs
  • Smappee S, the enhanced version, which supports up to 6 inputs

Smappee T supports the following configurations:

  • single-phase without Solar
  • single-phase with Solar
  • 3-phase without Solar

Smappee S supports the following configuration:

  • 3-phase with Solar

Good to know: In case you plan to install solar panels at a later stage, you better order “Smappee with Solar” and use it temporarily without solar.

Check the symbol on your electricity meter. more info

Check the symbol on your electricity meter.



1 phase


3 phase

£999,999.00 Incl. Tax




has solar




installation service

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