• Energy monitor

    Energy monitor

    Monitors real-time your
    electricity use, costs and
    standby power

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  • Gas & water monitor

    Gas & water monitor

    Shows real-time gas and/or
    water consumption and alerts
    in case of leaks

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  • Solar energy monitor

    Solar energy monitor

    Provides real-time your
    electricity use, costs and the
    yield of your solar panels

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  • “WiFi-enabled Smappee manages to stand out from the crowd. It offers insight into a home’s hidden energy guzzlers, which empowers users to cut down on their energy usage.”

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  • “Smappee has identified the energy signatures of over 80 common appliances - so you don’t need to invest in 80 Smart Plugs to monitor usage.”

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  • “We all have a personal carbon footprint and we can do something about it. There are factors in our control”

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  • “Smappee lets you into the deep, dark secrets of your electric bill. Once you know what's happening, your life—and energy use—will never be the same.”

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    From Megawatts To Negawatts

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    Sharing The Smappee Experience: Karl Graves

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