Smappee Pro.

Bringing energy monitoring and control to SMEs

Turn your sites into a smart energy network. Smappee Pro is an energy management solution that combines industrial-grade features with the ease of use and cost-efficiency of our award-winning home energy solution.

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Real-time visibility, across multiple sites

Our web portal and mobile app give you real-time visibility of your energy flows and costs, across multiple sites, right down to the level of individual appliances. Compare data across sites and appliances and easily spot energy guzzlers and opportunities for cost reduction. It's easier than checking the weather.

Installed in minutes

Smappee Pro has its roots in the Smart Home market, where DIY installation and setup is essential. As such, you'll find the solution remarkably easy and quick to install, requiring no changes to your electrical system and no need to power down. Your service provider will have it done in minutes (even during office hours), needing only to mount the device near your fuse box and connecting current clamps around the relevant power cables. Communication with the Smappee cloud is handled via Ethernet and optionally Wi-Fi or 4G/3G/GPRS via USB dongle.

Ingenious technology

You get full visibility over your site's energy flows through a single 'clip on' solution. The compact device can support up to 9 current clamps which enable the total energy consumption of a site to be monitored along with several important sub-circuits. Disaggregation algorithms then allow the energy consumption to be broken down further per appliance without the need for additional metering.

Actionable insight for all

Via the mobile app and web portal you can give all your staff real-time visibility of site-specific and company-wide energy flows. And your users will receive site-specific tips and advice that help them get their energy consumption under control.

Intelligent control

Add the Comfort PlugsTM to the mix and you're on your way to build a Smart energy network. The plugs allow you to control appliances wirelessly from your mobile and you can introduce Smart Logic such as:

  • Geo-fencing: switch appliances on or off when you are within or outside range of a site More
  • General inactivity: switch off appliances when Smappee detects that the site is inactive
  • Appliance activity: let one appliance switch another one on or off
  • Threshold: switch appliances on/off when a threshold in energy consumption or solar production has been reached
  • Sunrise/sunset: switch on/off at sunrise or sunset

Works with solar

Smappee Pro also measures your solar or windmill production, as well as your battery storage, so that you know exactly how much, and when and where you're earning.

Technical specifications

Measurements: V,I, cosΦ, active, reactive and apparent power
Voltage input: 3-phase 3 or 4 wire, or single phase
Current inputs: 9 inputs for custom CT’s (50A, 100A, 200A, 400A, 800A)
Non-intrusive load detection and monitoring on all inputs
Power supply: separate auxiliary
Power input: 100/240V,50-60 Hz, 5W max
Communication: Ethernet, USB (for Wifi or 4G/LTE modem dongle), Bluetooth, 433MHz
Dimensions: 130x130x35 mm
Weight: 300 gr
Safety: conforms to UL/IEC/EN 61010-1 Ed3 2010, CAT III
EMC: conforms to EN 55022 (Class B)

A cost-efficient solution that you can order today

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