8 August 2017

Arne Van Acker Smappee

Curious for how our Smappee-users get the most out of their Smappee in their own unique, everyday life, we asked some particular users to share their experiences with us. Third in line is the Belgian industrial engineering and IT student, Arne Van Acker, who uses the insights of Smappees itemized bill to make some serious investments.

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2 August 2017

Smart meters Smappee

Almost every European country today is taking initiatives to roll out smart meters – it’s a multibillion dollar industry. But will these initiatives deliver on energy efficiency? Early results in some markets show that some initiatives are not cost effective and fail to deliver on energy efficiencies. The lesson for other countries is this: if you want consumers to change their habits and save energy, allow for a fun factor – and to make that possible, you need high quality access to the energy data. 


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25 July 2017

Intersolar North Armerica 2017As we mentioned in our last blog post, the Smappee team attended Intersolar North America for the first time to meet with solar installers and distributors, to find out about the latest trends in solar and energy monitoring and how they’re being integrated into installs.

Our goal at Intersolar was to demonstrate the new Smappee Plus designed for the residential solar market and gain feedback from a number of U.S. installers, distributors and solar industry reporters. While we knew that the Smappee Plus was unique from other solar and energy monitors, the overall reaction from our audience was that the Smappee Plus and our other energy monitoring systems were truly unlike any our solar experts had seen before.

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5 July 2017

heart sun

Intersolar North America is almost upon us. Intersolar is North America’s most attended solar event and premier networking platform, taking  place July 11–13, 2017 in San Francisco. For the first time ever, we’ll be giving public demonstrations of our new Smappee Plus energy monitor. You can Learn more about Smappee plus here.

Intersolar North America is close to our new Bay Area U.S. headquarters, where consumer tech icons like Nest, Uber, and Tesla are constantly inventing new ways to make people’s lives easier and help them to save money. Although Smappee is not yet as well known as those companies, we all essentially have the same goals. 

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27 June 2017

Last week we launched Smappee Plus, a new residential solar monitoring platform that provides greater smart home functionality and insights for solar consumers, and delivers value to solar professionals, electricians, and HVAC installers by reducing their customer acquisition costs and expanding their service offerings.

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20 June 2017

Smappee Plus provides real-time, appliance-level data through intelligent submetering; offers consumers greater insight into energy use and production

KORTRIJK, BELGIUM — June 20, 2017 — Smappee, a leading developer of smart energy monitoring solutions, has entered the U.S. solar market with the launch of its flagship product, Smappee Plus. The most advanced energy monitoring system available on the market, Smappee Plus empowers consumers to better manage their electricity use and costs by providing detailed, real-time measurements of their energy production and consumption.

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1 June 2017

general ecoAre you reluctantly stuck at work while your friends or family are sunning themselves in tropical locations? Are you impatiently counting down the days until your own holidays? Or perhaps you don't have any holiday plans (but are secretly looking forward to that new game or series)? Don't just sit there, give our 5 outdoor activities a try! Not only will they transform your pasty body into a naturally tanned temple, they will also give you an instant holiday feeling and are 100% environmentally sound. Carpe diem!

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18 May 2017

smappee alexaSmappee, the smart energy monitor, has integrated with Amazon Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. Combined with the Smappee Comfort PlugsTM, you can now use voice control with new “smart” devices as well as on “dumb” appliances, such as your favourite retro design lamp. Smappee now offers even more opportunities for turning family homes into smart and energy-efficient houses because of this integration. 

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Amsterdam, 27 April 2017

red herring 100Belgian cleantech company Smappee announced today it has won its place in the Red Herring's Top 100 Europe, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the European business region.

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6 April 2017

Mel LeeCurious for how our Smappee-users get the most out of their Smappee in their own unique, everyday life, we asked some particular users to share their experiences with us. Second in line is Mel Lee, who lives with her husband and 2 early teenagers in Upstate New York. She has managed a team of engineers, but now decided to stay home to look after the kids. In her free time she loves jogging, DIY and collecting diecast model cars. Let’s see what place her Smappee takes in her busy daily life!

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