CDI and Smappee Self ConsumptionSolving global warming is the biggest challenge that humanity has ever faced. As politicians are struggling to keep up with the climate agreement we see an increasing number of civilians and organizations take action. The goal is the energy transition to renewable energy. The idea is that we can all facilitate this via self-consumption; using the renewable energy we produce to its fullest. We can only achieve this when we automate the energy flows in our homes. Appliances will then automatically switch on or off when the production peaks or is at a low and excesses will be stored for later. Sound like futuristic jibber jabber? It’s already happening! Read about how CDI, one of our Smappee partners, is paving the way to a future in which our homes are decentralized energy hubs without having to compromise on comfort.

Being a home and building automation expert, CDI understands the important role that self-consumption will play in the future of energy. They are faced with people and companies that are looking for ways to use their energy more efficiently daily. To help them, CDI firstly monitors the energy consumption. Afterwards they draw up a report with measures and actions for energy efficiency. Mostly they consist of installing energy saving products and automating energy flows.

To keep up with the latest evolutions and possibilities, CDI is always looking for new tools and technologies. Over one year ago they came across Smappee and were intrigued by its offering. They have been using the monitors ever since. CDI has been eagerly exploring its energy efficiency functionalities and has set up a test set-up in their test lab. The set-up consists of the solar panels on the roof, an electric vehicle, a heat pump and a charging pole. Thanks to the use of Node-Red flow-based programming and KNX, an open standard for building automation, they could program the Smappee to automatically use the produced solar power to the fullest before sending it back to the grid. The produced solar power is first sent to the car battery, this could also easily be a home battery. Afterwards the excess is used to raise the temperature of the heat pump boiler from 55 to 70 degrees Celsius. A next step would be to control the floor heating by steering the thermostat to heat or cool the home.

The test set-up has been up and running for a few months now and proves that self-consumption is no longer the future. With the right tools, it’s possible now! According to Luc Vercruyssen, Manager at CDI, many parties offer solutions for peak shaving, load management and energy traffic control. But they are all stand alone or built-in solutions that only steer one appliance. With Smappee they can steer the produced solar power and all the energy consuming elements. On top of that you can monitor what’s happening in real-time, so you can adjust whenever this is necessary. Smappee is the only energy monitor that supports people in achieving self-consumption as it takes on the role of energy traffic controller in the home.