Smappee Dashboard

This comprehensive web-based tool can be used for graphic and numerical analysis, to track data on a periodic basis (regular intervals: 5-minute, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly). Add the cards to visualize the data for each site according to your preference, easily compare results and export the required data as a .csv file, using the download button. The dashboard includes a first line support functionality, allowing you to help your customers remotely. 

Access the Dashboard from the navigation bar on Smappee’s website. Once logged in, using the app login details, you can check the energy flows in the building from any web browser.

Let’s take a tour of the new Smappee Dashboard!

1. Analyze energy charts.
Analyze energy data on a bigger screen with more specific parameters for electricity, solar, gas & water. Explore energy flows graphically, seeing the energy use per day, week, month or year. You can even see energy values in 5-minute, hourly, daily or monthly intervals. Easily navigate through the energy charts with the timeline slider: zoom in, customize the time range or jump to another period.

2. Discover energy guzzlers.
Go to ‘My board’ to view the submetered appliances and their events in a clear table. Sort these appliances according to power consumption and you’ll immediately have a clear view of the energy guzzlers.

3. Download and save energy data.
Use the Smappee Dashboard as a main energy data tool. Click the download button in the top left corner to gather the energy data in .csv. Analyze it in the program of your choice and save it wherever you want such as on a hard drive, a USB, in the cloud, etc.

4. Get the most out of the Smappee Switch submetering
The Smappee Switch is not just a smart plug, it also tells how much connected appliances consume. Go to ‘Electricity’ and analyze the energy data of the appliances submetered by a Switch, giving a clear overview of their active power use in a user-friendly graph and table. 

5. Verify the impact of energy-saving measures.
Receive more in-depth insights into the energy behavior in your building. Accurately analyze and verify the impact of energy-saving measures and make changes accordingly. You’ll save money and benefit the environment, now and in the future.

6. For ESCO's and partners interested in Smappee technology integrations.
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Log in the Smappee Dashboard here. Want to know more about Smappee's tailored data access and visualization? Contact us here.