Smappee experienceHello, it’s me again, Smappee. Green light! I have been installed successfully and I am already feeling completely at home. With my app at hand you can be the energy manager in your home. Let’s find out how you use electricity and how I can make your home more energy efficient.

Become the energy manager in your home

Right after being installed, I display your real-time energy consumption in my app. I will need two to three weeks to recognise most of the appliances in your home. After six to eight weeks, I will be able to assign up to 80% of your consumption to the right appliance. Enter your meter readings and profile details to be sure that I can do my work optimally. Good news: you don’t have to wait eight weeks to start saving. Let’s start enjoying the Smappee experience straight away!

1. Be aware of your energy use

Smappee appI try to make you more aware of how you use energy in your home by giving you insight into your energy consumption and how much it costs. Your home certainly doesn’t have to go on an ‘energy diet’. Simply by being more efficient with how you use energy, you can make quick savings without compromising on comfort. So, check the bubbles on the screen regularly and you can see at a glance what is going on in your home.

In my app, I show you which energy provider offers you the cheapest rates. The cheapest provider is actually completely free: the sun. Increasing numbers of people are installing solar panels. If you do that, you not only use energy, you produce it too. You can even store it in batteries. I keep track of it all! In the app, the green bubble shows you how much energy you are producing. And why not take it one step further: with SolarCoin you can even earn money with it! You see that in the orange bubble. And it doesn’t end there: if you have surplus energy, Smappee Plus can assign it to specific appliances in the order of your choice, or you can decide to use less during peak periods and delay running the washing machine until the electricity rate has gone down.

Tip! Involve your family. Show your children how the grey bubble grows when you put the lights on in their room. The one who uses the least gets a reward!

2. Transform your home into a smart home

Smappee SwitchWith me in your home, you have a smart tool to tackle your energy consumption, and thanks to my Smappee SwitchTM, you can control the most important home appliances remotely in the app. With a few Smappee Switches you make your home a whole lot smarter all at once. Although of course you’re still the smartest one of all.

Ready to take it a step further? Let me introduce you to the world of 'the Connected Home'! Using IoT platforms, I can get your appliances to talk to each other. You can fully automate certain things to make your life as easy as possible. But there’s more: you can also talk to your house! With Amazon Echo and the Smappee Switch, appliances respond to your voice. You are the boss, they are the servants. And so am I.

Tip! Shall I wake you up and then start making the coffee? Or do you want to smell the coffee as you are waking up? It’s up to you. See the Smappee IFTTT recipes.

Tip! Did you know you can also make your home more secure? Set up an alert to tell you when your garage door opens or closes. (I’m not economical with tips, am I?)


3. Get a grip on standby power consumption

Within 24 hours of being installed, I can find out your stand-by consumption. Appliances you are not using still consume electricity in stand-by mode. You can see my calculations of your average stand-by consumption in the light blue bubble in the Smappee app. When your stand-by consumption is higher than usual, I will give you a sign.

Let’s tackle a room together right now to reduce your stand-by consumption. Switch off as many appliances as you can. In your study or home office, for example: is your computer shut down completely? Have you disconnected the cable of your smartphone charger? Next stop: your living room. Is the decoder light still on? Has your son or daughter switched off the game console completely? Do you know that your TV is a major stand-by consumer? Turn it off completely at night.

Tip! Use a Smappee Switch with an adapter in rooms with multiple appliances, then you can remotely operate the appliances in one room with one button.

Tip! Left home, office switched off? If not, no problem. When the geolocaliser alerts me that you are more than 200 m from home, I can automatically turn off your home office or home cinema using a Smappee Switch.

 4. Identify the biggest energy guzzlers

Smappee app detailed billSmappee itemized billIn the app, scroll through your detailed bill and click on each appliance to see how much it uses. You will find out such a lot and become more efficient. Can you spot the energy-guzzlers? Replace them with energy-efficient appliances. Old washing machines, tumble dryers and freezers are major culprits. I will warn you when your fridge or freezer’s energy consumption suddenly changes. Perhaps you have left the door open or it is time to defrost them. Or maybe it’s time to get a new, energy-efficient fridge or freezer.

Tip! Put the major energy-guzzlers on a diet with a Comfort Plug™. Then you can provide them remotely with precisely the energy they need.







Change your energy habits

I hope I have succeeded in my aim to make you more aware of your energy consumption. Saving energy is good for your wallet and for the environment; for today and for the coming generations. And that is perhaps the very best thing of all about me ;).