Smappee: electricity bill on a smartphone

Today Smappee makes your electricity costs transparent, without the need for a “Smart Meter”. As the world’s first, Smappee users will be able to use this ‘itemized bill’ functionality within the App to visualize the appliance costs by day, month or year. It will even forecast how much each of your appliances will cost you for an entire year.

Smappee's innovative solution is an energy monitor/home automation crossover, enabling you to get visibility into your entire home’s energy costs and control it, saving up to 12% on your electricity bill. A simple clip-on sensor(s) around your home's power cable, enables Smappee to tell you how much energy your home, and the appliances within, are consuming and costing you. Smappee's latest version of the app now has an ‘Itemized Bill’ feature which breaks your total home bill down into the various appliances that Smappee has detected. Opening your eyes for the first time on where the energy goes within the home. This simple first step is the most important one to being able to manage and reduce that large part of the household budget that is mainly a cost ‘black hole’. So whether you want Smappee to tell you how much your freezer is costing you per year so you can consider trading it in for a new energy efficient one, or if you want to cost effectively turn your home into a ‘smart home’, Smappee is the solution.