Energy monitor provides clear insights into the energy consumed by electrical appliances, via an app for the smartphone and tablet

Smappee energy monitor & person using the Smappee appWhether it's the lamp in the hallway, the TV, the computer or the dustbuster: these days everyone knows that you shouldn't waste electricity and that it's better not to leave electrical appliances on standby. However, the average consumer simply has no idea that standby power consumption could easily be costing them up to 200 euros a year. In order to identify the major and minor energy-guzzlers in the home, Smappee are now bringing the Smappee Energy Monitor to the market. This intelligent energy monitor provides insights into your energy consumption by means of an app for your smartphone and tablet.

Simple and intelligent

Smappee is very easy to install in your home, with a single sensor which is clamped around the main cable in the meter cabinet. As each appliance has its own ‘interference pattern’, from this one location Smappee not only measures the total energy consumption in your home, but also itemises the consumption of individual appliances. The Smappee app immediately allows you to see this data on your smartphone and tablet. This makes it possible to see whether you have left any lights or a gaming console on by mistake, for example, but also which appliances use most power.

Up-to-date information, any time, any place

The app, which is extremely user-friendly, reveals the total amount of energy you are using in your home. Clear graphs make your consumption and the costs per day, month or year clearer than ever before. They also show the consumption of individual appliances, the total standby power consumption and, if applicable, how much power your solar panels are producing. This means you always know exactly what's going on and can take steps to adjust your consumption accordingly. The app also rewards your energy efficiency with awards which you can share with family and friends on social media if you wish.

“Depending on the user's consumption pattern, Smappee will pay for itself twice over in a period from two to a maximum of four years,” says Stefan Grosjean, founder of Smappee. “Plus, you're helping to achieve a more sustainable world for everyone!”