Smappee Gas & Water.

  • View your gas and/or water consumption in the app.
  • Receive alerts about abnormal consumption or leaks.
  • Save on your gas and water bills.
  • Regardless of your energy supplier.
  • Compatible with the most common analog meters.

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Are your meters compatible?

Do not worry.

Smappee shows you how much you consumed and when, per day, week or month, and how much it will cost you. A leaking tap or gas pipe? Smappee immediately spots it.

A smarter home.

If you only use the gas and water meter, it will give you a historical overview of what you consumed via Bluetooth. Combine this with the Smappee energy monitor to complete the picture. You also receive real-time information and alerts about gas and water leaks, wherever you are. Our app gives you an overview of your entire household energy, including your electricity consumption.

Saving on energy has never been this easy.

You can easily save 10% or more by making some small adjustments. Benefiting your wallet and our environment.

Easy to install.

All you need to do is clip the sensors to your meters. Smappee takes care of all the rest.

How to get Smappee Gas & Water.

If you are a Smappee energy monitor owner, you can buy the Smappee Gas & Water and other accessories directly from our online store for users in your Smappee App and on your:

Smappee Dashboard

If you are a newcomer and want to experience the Smappee ecosystem:

Find a Smappee Certified installer

If you are an electrician or have equivalent experience:

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