Your Smappee is a team player!

The Smappee (solar) energy monitor is a pretty smart tool to manage your power consumption, and thanks to the Comfort Plugs™ you can also switch appliances on and off remotely via the app. But are you ready to take it even further? We'd like to welcome you to the world of 'the Connected Home'! Thanks to the below IoT-platforms, you can experiment with all kinds of formulas to make your life easier and more comfortable than ever before. You can also compose your own formulas. As Smappee knows the energy status ('on' or 'off') of an appliance, both smart and 'not-so-smart' appliances can be automized.

Internet of Things platforms

IoT-platforms allow devices to talk with each other and make certain events happen. Click the icon to see the full list of compatible appliances and services.

Works with IFTTT     Stringify     Amazon Alexa     Conrad connect     Openremote


Let's do this!

Are you ready to get started? Check out all the possible formulas on the Smappee account at IFTTT or Stringify. Of course, you are very free to create your own awesome formulas as well.

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