Wesley 36y

I have been using smappee for quite a while now and I think it's great! Apparently I had lots of standby consumption. Not anymore and I have made a lot of savings since.

Bruno 29y

Thanks to smappee I discovered that may rainwater pump suddenly began to run for ten seconds and then shut down. After some searching we appeared to have a leakage. Fortunately, it only had made a tiny spot of moisture on the wall. Without smappee it could have turned in a disaster.

Richard 39y

"smappee saves Christmas". Well, Christmas dinner at least. We detected that the freezer door had popped open as we squeezed it with food ready for Christmas. Without smappee it would have been a sad Christmas.

Koen 39y

Alerts can be configured. My wife just started cooking dinner. So, I'll leave the office within the hour.

Richard 39y

Overall the experience of using the Smappee has certainly been a good one and surprisingly has engaged all the family for once (usually it's only me that gets excited about energy management). It highlighted a major problem that could have been going on for years with the timing controller for the bathroom floor heating, I dread to think how much money has been wasted because of it.

Joost 48y

My central heating system permanently consumes 130W. There are 3 pumps (hot water, floor heating & radiators)! I am now investigating if they don't run longer than necessary and at the proper speed.

Luc 38y

For the built-in speakers in my kitchen and the ceiling of our terrace, I use an old audio amplifier. This amplifier was incorrectly configured and consumed 40 Watt, whereas now, it does the same with only 18 Watt. Moreover, it was always on. I have now installed a timer to only power the amplifier during day time. This reduces the power from 350 kWh per year (40W x 24h x 365 days) down to 52 kWh per year (18W x 8h x 365). Almost 7 times less or a saving of almost 300 kWh x 0,22 Euro per kWh = 66 Euro!

Piet 50y

I have been monitoring my energy for over 20 years. I am surprised to notice that smappee has detected over 100 devices in my house. Remains to find where they are... smappee really encourages you to find and reduce stand-by consumption.

Marc 43y

Our children, returning from school, beating traffic on their bike, enter the house through the garage. smappee detects this and sends me a message. So, wherever I am, I know that they safely made it home.

Hans 50y

I already knew that dimmed lights consume less, but I wasn't aware that the difference was that big! Thanks to smappee, I now know that the dimmed lights in my living room only consume 34 instead of 152 Watt. This is less than a fourth!

Brecht 34y

The experience after 2 days of use is still very positive. More and more appliances are being recognized. Remains to identify what they are. In the meantime, I already managed to reduce my standby consumption by 40 Watt.

Joost 41y

Rushing to clean up the kitchen before leaving to the office, I had unknowingly powered-on the coffee maker. Fortunately, a smappee quick check showed me that more than 1000W was being consumed by the coffee maker!

Jan 41y

Thanks to smappee, I discovered that my freezer wasn't at all economical to run

Sonja 42y

For me, it's not just about saving money, I also like the fact that I'm helping the environment.

Luc 38y

Before I leave for work, I always have a quick check on smappee to see whether all the lights have been turned off.

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