Welcome to the Smappee family! Do you want to find out what exactly what is going on in your home and control everything from A to Z, wherever you are and whenever you want? Well, now you can, thanks to the Smappee ecosystem and the new Smappee app. Download the new Smappee Energy Monitor 2.0 app from GooglePlay or iTunes, log in and find out why we are all so enthusiastic about it! Smappee will gladly take you on a tour of the redesigned app.

1. See how much energy you consume at a glance.

Open the app to see the realtime flows in your home at a glance, including energy, solar energy, gas and water. The yellow bubble shows how much energy you consume in real time. The green bubble indicates how much energy your solar panels are producing. I also show you how much water and gas you consumed that day on this screen.

Are you curious to see how much energy is consumed by appliances that are always on? I calculate your standby power consumption in Watts and in percentages, compared with your total energy consumption. Want to know the total cost? I can calculate that too. Scroll down to see how much your energy consumption is costing you, expressed in your phone’s standard currency.

The timeline shows which appliances you used today. Remember that I need about 6 to 8 weeks to get to know your home and your main appliances. I add new appliances to the timeline as I detect them.

2. Reduce your energy bills.

I always give you a better understanding of your long-term energy consumption and production. It’s my way of trying to raise your awareness about how much energy you consume in your home. So your home definitely doesn’t need to go on an energy diet. You can save quite a lot of money by using energy efficiently without having to scrimp on comfort.

Click a bubble to see your energy consumption charts. You can also pull up the same data for electricity, solar energy, gas and water, by the day, week, month or year. Scroll down for a global overview in kWh and euros, pounds, dollars...

Like a real energy detective, I delve deeper to identify your costs right down to the level of your most important appliances. Select a month or year to see how much the appliances I detected cost you in my cost analysis.

In addition to a very detailed and user-friendly overview, I give regular tips about how to save energy in the short and long term. I'm your personal energy coach.

Read on for more specific tips on how to save energy with Smappee.

3. Automate and control your home.

With me in your home, you have a smart tool to tackle your energy consumption—but there are plenty of other smart tools you can also connect with the Smappee ecosystem under the Control tab. Connect a Smappee Switch to remotely operate your most important appliances. I also measure the energy consumption of these appliances. In addition, you can remotely operate a thermostat thanks to my integration with Nest ThermostatTM.

Ready for the next step? Then let me introduce you to the world of the Connected Home! Join me in Smappee Scenes to see your appliances interact with each other. You can automate certain events to make your life even easier. Just set up a few Smappee Scenes to make your home so much smarter—although you’ll remain the smartest thing in the house!

I'm also compatible with several IoT platforms that can be used to further automate your home, including IFTTT, Conrad Connect and Stringify. But there’s more: you can also talk to your own home! Appliances can now react to your voice thanks to Amazon Echo and the Smappee Switches. In addition to being your energy detective and energy coach, I'm also your smart home control centre ;).

Tip! Create an Import/Export Smappee Scene to use any residual solar energy to charge your electric car.

Tip! Adapt your energy consumption to the seasons. Lower your electric roller shutters at sunset.

4. Get a grip on standby power.

Within 24 hours of installing me, I will already have a better idea of your standby power consumption. Because even the appliances you don’t use still consume electricity when in standby mode. Go to the Smappee app to see my calculation of your standby power consumption in Watts and in percentages compared with your overall consumption. If your standby power consumption is higher than usual, I’ll give you a shout. I'll also let you know when you are doing well and have saved a lot of money by reducing your standby power consumption.

Tip! Office off when you’re away from home? Why not? If your Smappee Scene informs me that you are more than 200 metres from home, using geolocation, I can automatically power down your home office with a Smappee Switch.

 5. Detect energy guzzlers.

Click “appliances” to find out more about your appliances. Here you’ll find a list of the appliances that I detected after 6 to 8 weeks, the appliances I submeter using your Smappee Switch and the appliances I submeter using your Smappee Plus or Smappee Pro. I can now also detect appliances with long programmes more easily, like your washing machine, your tumble-dryer, and so on, thanks to NILM technology.

But there’s more: now you can also assist me by telling me right away which appliances I detected correctly. Did I make an error? Swipe the wrongly-detected appliance to the left in your Events list. Hit the nail on the head? Swipe right!

Click each appliance to see how much it consumes or sort the appliances according to “most used”. You’ll be all the wiser and more efficient for it. Sort your appliances according to “highest consumption” to detect energy guzzlers. Replace them with more energy-efficient appliances. Old washing machines, tumble-dryers, fridges and freezers are often the cause. I'll even warn you if your fridge or freezer’s energy consumption is unusual. Perhaps you left the door open or it’s time to defrost your freezer. Or perhaps the time has come to purchase a more energy-efficient model.

Tip! Put your energy guzzlers on a diet with a Smappee Switch. Use it to remotely allocate them the power they require.

Change your energy habits.
Hopefully I will have succeeded in my endeavour and you’ll now be more aware of the energy you consume. You’ll save money and the environment also stands to benefit, now and in the future. And perhaps that is my greatest merit ;).