Smappee partners with Benefits of Nature

We have a fun and eco-friendly novelty to share with you. Smappee has become a proud member of “Benefits of Nature”. With this membership, we want to contribute to the improvement of sustainability in the horticultural and agricultural sector.

“Green living for everyone", that’s what Benefits of Nature stands for. They want to make the living environment of millions of people more beautiful, healthier and more attractive. How? By making the horticultural sector more sustainable step by step. Benefits of Nature continuously improves the connections and interactions between stakeholders and makes sustainability transparent for all. They can’t do this alone. It takes a great effort from the entire sector and from companies who foster sustainable energy consumption, like Smappee. Companies in the horticultural sector can easily save energy with our Smappee Pro, the most highly-performing monitor for businesses.

Together we stand for beautiful, healthy, fair and sustainable plants, so anyone is able to bring green life into his surroundings.