Results from a recent survey taken by Smappee users have shown us that our energy monitor is largely appreciated. Being interested in what features you as our customers value most, we asked 585 users about their experiences.

Dealing with energy more consciously

A real eye-catcher is the 79,04% of  users reporting increased awareness of their energy use. 56,70% make more conscious decisions when it comes to energy. For example, no less than 49,14% managed to successfully reduce their always on power! Also, 40,03% replaced energy-guzzling devices with more sustainable variants and 43,30% prevent unnecessary energy use by immediately switching off the devices when they’re finished using them.

The results of the Smappee survey.

A profound insight into your energy consumption, anywhere, anytime

Another excellent result is the success of our app. 31,68% consult the app once a day, and 18,15% even several times a day. This means that almost half of all users check their energy data daily. For 60,07%, the most important feature of Smappee is the ability to control their energy consumption anywhere and anytime. Whether you’re at the mall shopping or on holiday in some exotic destination, the app allows you to manage the energy consumption at your house remotely.

Managing remotely thanks to the app

As well as the app, many other features became clear as being valuable to Smappee users too. For example, 46,70% said knowledge of the actual consumption was very important as it means, the next energy bill doesn’t reveal any unpleasant surprised. 30,38%  appreciated the stylish outlook and user-friendliness of the app. Other advantages reported by the interviewees are the option to switch devices on or off using the Comfort Plugs (instead of manually) and the ability to check water and gas measurements as well as the production of their solar panels.

Results image2.png

Caring for the environment together

The survey results reveal a clear trend of consumers taking more responsibility for the environment by dealing with energy more consciously. This, of course, is a trend that we gladly encourage. At the end of the day, the best way to conserve energy is through smart energy use. And what better way to do that, than to use Smappee to help you learn and adapt!The fact that this also translates into quite large financial savings is a an added bonus.. Our Smappee solutions help guide people towards a more conscious lifestyle and we are extremely happy that Smappee has been able to do this.

If you’re not yet a proud owner of a Smappee energy monitor and would like to experience these (and more) advantages, feel free to check out our products here.


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