Solar Energy Management

On a single day, the sun sends 15,000 times as much energy to the Earth as we consume across the world daily. Renewable energy sources offer substantial benefits for our climate, our health, and our economy, helping us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution. With these multitude of benefits in mind, it’s not surprising that interest in solar energy systems for both homes and businesses is soaring.

Critically, as solar energy systems become increasingly advanced and popular across the world, their prices continue to drop. Solar panels, for example now sell for less than a quarter of their 2008 price, and innovative technologies, like Smappee  can easily measure and monitor their use.

Smappee, world’s smartest home energy monitor offers an innovative way of making the most of your solar energy. Unlike many energy assessment devices that claim to offer solar monitoring solutions, Smappee is setting new standards in solar energy management.  Smappee measures the energy much more accurately than most alternatives as it samples both the current ànd the voltage 1000s of times a second.  Leading market competitors who fail to take both readings can be as much as 20% inaccurate when measuring solar energy. The Smappee actionable insights offer an accurate view of the energy flow in your home, so now you can make decisions about how and when best to use your solar power.

Whats more, thanks to the free Smappee mobile app, you can now programme your home to swith on appliances if the solar generation goes over a certain amount, enabling your home to intelligently use that power within the home and not waste it, by exporting it out to the grid.

Smappee offers:

  • Actionable insight, and targeted advice based on your energy readings, to optimise your solar power use
  • The chance to manage a more efficient, sustainable and less costly energy source than your traditional energy consumption
  • Reduced energy costs, up to 30%, thanks to real-time accurate energy readings of all main appliances