Smappee Reveals The Secrets Of Its Success To De Standaard

Last year Smappee was voted Rising Star 2014 in the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast50 competition.  A nice recognition, knowing that 50 fast-growing technological companies were nominated for the award. Recently, CEO and founder of Smappee , Stefan Grosjean, and a number of other successful managers, were interviewed by the Belgian quality newspaper De Standaard about the secrets of their success.

The newspaper published five videos, each one of them dealing with a stepping stone for start-ups.  Smappee is proud to share its experience with other entrepreneurs.

How to find the gap in the market?

Starting from an idea that you consider to be excellent or from your vision as a techie, is just not good enough.  No matter how good the idea seems to you, you always have to check whether there is really a need for it, whether there is a demand for your product.  Only then can we speak about a gap in the market.  And only then is your company bound to succeed.

How to convince investors?

Before you try to convince investors as a start-up, it is important to carefully and extensively study your plan :  draw a complete picture of the direction you want to move into,  create clarity about the product itself, and make a risk analysis.  You can only address the same investor once, so it is crucial to be well-prepared.

How to hire the right people?

When a company strives for quality, innovation and quick progress, it is of utmost importance to gather a team of people who are perfectly complementary to one another.  The right people and the right plan account for 50% of your success.

How important is a network?

The right network can add an extra dimension to a team.  Good accountants, the right financial experts and HR specialists can facilitate an even quicker progress.

Stay local or go international?

When you launch a product, you should always stick to your local market during the testing phase.   At the time of developing, however, it’s smart to keep in mind that the product should fit the global market!

Watch the videos here.