The lowdown on smart energy monitors

There’s a lot of buzz about conserving energy - being energy smart, but do we really understand why, and more importantly – HOW?

Being more aware of how and when you burn energy in your home helps to cut consumption, ultimately saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.  The how? That’s where smart meters and smart energy monitors, like Smappee come in.

Smappee energy monitor and app on smartphone

A range of smart energy devices have launched to help you to measure your household energy use and get a grip on your energy guzzling. Sure, there are plenty of tips and tricks online to help you take care of the environment and your monthly energy bills, but beyond switching off and unplugging, how can you get to grips with your energy consumption?

In short, you have 3 options: Traditional / Mechanical models, Smart Meters and Smart Energy Monitors, like Smappee.

1. Traditional

Traditional meters work by keeping an ongoing record of how much electricity your home uses. The meter is read monthly or quarterly (in some countries only once per year!) and you are billed for the electricity you have used. Traditional meters are mechanical in nature, so they have a tendency to slow down and become less accurate over time. What’s more, mechanical meters require annual maintenance and regular visits from meter readers.

2. Smart Meters

Smart meters go one step further, showing you just how much electricity you’re using. Smart meters do away with inaccurate estimated bills as they automatically send accurate energy readings back to your supplier. This can offer peace of mind, knowing you’re only paying for the electricity you’ve used and helps to avoid any nasty surprises.

3. Smappee

Unlike traditional, or standard smart meters, Smappee offers you real-time readings on your energy consumption, delivering data right to your smart phone. Smappee tracks every kilowatt of energy you use, so there’s no more guessing.

What’s more, Smappee outperforms smart meters by tracking your energy consumption down to the appliance level, as each has a distinct electricity signature. With this unique feature, Smappee can help you to quickly spot energy guzzlers in your home (from inefficient freezers, to electricity-loving teenagers). These actionable insights help you detect which devices are working less efficiently, perhaps encouraging you to switch to energy-forward light bulbs, a more cost-effective freezer, or reminding you that lights need to be switched off when you leave the room. In fact, Smappee customers can save up to 30% on their monthly energy bills.

And here is the catch; despite the recent advancement in energy technologies; the influx of smart meters and most smart energy monitors, we’re still burning through far more electricity than we need. It turns out that new technology alone doesn’t lead to a change in behaviour. In fact, in order for smart energy monitors to drive measurable improvements, they must help us to create and sustain new habits. Let’s be honest, this is no mean feat. We’ve all started a new fitness regime in the new year, or a taken up a class with the best intentions of mastering a new skill, only to drop it a few weeks later.

Thankfully, Smappee is one smart energy monitor that bucks the trend, as it has behavioural change strategies at it’s heart. Smappee delivers accurate energy readings, encouragement, tips and customized advice to your phone at a time when you’re most likely to take action. It’s this collaborative and motivational approach that helps Smappee customers to save up to 30% on their energy bills.

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