We are very keen to know what our users think about Smappee and how they experience our product. So we spoke to Rémi Delicado, Purchase and Logistics manager at NED, Nouvelles Energies Distribution, in Chaponost, France. NED is a B2B distributor of various products related to renewable energy, such as photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, etc. Their customers are companies that resell these systems, or install them directly in the consumer’s home. To quote Mr. Delicado himself, he is in charge of keeping a technological eye on the constantly evolving market of renewable energy systems. That’s how he found out about Smappee. Someone told him about the Smappee Energy monitor, he tested it and it convinced him right away.  So since about a year, the Smappee energy monitors have been part of NED’s product range.

Mr. Delicado, can you tell us in which way Smappee is part of your sales process?

Smappee is mainly sold to customers who want to offer their final customer, the consumer, a solution that visualizes the production of their solar panels and/or their electricity consumption. Some of the manufacturers of solar inverters have developed their own monitoring system, but Smappee’s undeniable advantage is being compatible with all possible brands of solar systems in the market. Our customers often offer the Smappee Solar energy monitor as part of a solar system kit, since it is gives consumers immediate insight in the yield of their installation and the return on their investment. Moreover, consumers highly appreciate the app, because it allows them to keep an eye on their solar production, wherever they are.

What is your experience with Smappee?

We always try to test a product thoroughly before we offer it to our customers. That’s why we installed a 3-phase Smappee Solar energy monitor and a Smappee Pro in our showroom. By using it ourselves, we get to know the product in-depth, which helps us to provide our customers with down-to-earth information and give them the necessary technological feedback. Customers can drop by anytime and see how our products work for themselves. Smappee definitely meets our expectations, that’s why we included it in our product range. If there should be anything we want to improve, it is the fact that the connection is only via Wifi. In cases when the router * is too far from the fuse box, the monitor doesn’t work properly. 

What do your customers say about Smappee?

Our customers really like the fact that Smappee is easy to use and to install. They also enjoy the app’s attractive and contemporary design. And of course, who doesn’t appreciate a system without subscription fees?  Moreover, the monitor is really affordable. There is one remark :  private French consumers would appreciate it even more if it were extended with the necessary features to make it eligible for a reimbursement or tax reduction. Some of us, at NED’s, are of course also private users of Smappee.  One of my colleagues, for example, has a guesthouse that he rents in summer.  The Smappee monitor allows him to monitor the actual energy consumption of his guests and the production of his solar panels, from adistance.

Do you know other energy monitors? What is the added value of Smappee compared to these systems?

Yes, we know and tested various other energy monitors that are available on the market. Not taking into account some technical limitations, such as the router * being too far from the fuse box, Smappee offers a reliable solution for energy and solar monitoring : simple and accessible to everybody.  I would certainly dare to say, that it is the energy monitor with the best price-quality ratio in its segment. Add to this its user-friendliness and its playful design, and it is bound to become one of the protagonists in the market.

*Note from Smappee : In cases when the router is too far from the fuse box, the connection can be established using a Wi-Fi Range Extender.

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