Kortrijk, 9 March 2017 The Internet of Energy conference, held in Cologne from 7 to 8 March, focussed on “Disruptive Business Models – from selling electrons to selling services”. In the “Start-up Showcase” category, Smappee won from five other competitors for an independent four-man jury and was honoured for its business model.

internet of energy stefan

Smappee started off with a product of same name. Smappee explained how energy suppliers can inspire and win their customers and potential new customers with the use of Smappee. In its elevator pitch, the company showed to be revolutionary and visionary, in such way that it can provide the energy suppliers with technological developments and a decisive competitive advantage.

The main thought is that energy companies can benefit from the innovative ideas and the flexibility of start-ups. Partnerships with start-ups are a substantial way for them to survive in the fast-changing utility industry. Innovative business models are urgently needed in the strong competition.

Stefan Grosjean, CEO and founder of Smappee, received the award on 8 March: “We are very pleased that our concept is being honoured. Our mission is the continuous development of new, intelligent solutions and the constant improvement of existing products for the energy sector. Our commitment has now been rewarded.”

The international Internet of Energy Conference, organized by British organizers, is aimed at high-profile speakers and invited guests, including EnBW, EON and Innogy, to the energy supply industry.