Thanks to Smappee, you can access your customers’ real-time energy consumption and production data in several ways. What is more, the energy data can be available down to appliance level by submetering a specific appliance or group of appliances. Find out here how to get the most out of Smappee’s submetering options…

Option 1: Submeter from the fusebox with Smappee’s clamps.

Submeter appliances right at the source: by attaching clamps to the distribution panel. The Smappee Plus energy monitor has up to 9 dedicated inputs for clamps. Depending on your electrical installation, you can measure 6 to 8 sub-circuits that consist of certain appliances or a group of appliances separately. It’s the perfect solution to gather the most accurate energy data down to appliance level and to know more about appliances with a variable capacity, such as a heat pump or an EV charger.

Smappee SubmeteringUsing the same technology, the Smappee Pro energy monitor for businesses keeps tabs on how much power certain appliances or appliance groups consume, across all company sites. Measure accurately and verify the impact of energy-saving measures to make changes wherever necessary.

Option 2: Submeter from the socket with Smappee Switch.

Submeter appliances by adding a submetering device. Supplement any of our Smappee energy monitors with a Smappee Switch, our genuinely intelligent smart plug. Besides remotely control appliances, the Smappee Switch has a submetering feature. Just connect the Switch between the socket and the appliance or a power strip. It accurately measures the energy consumption of the connected appliance or group of appliances separately (up to 16A) and shows it on the Smappee app and dashboard.

Option 3: Submeter from the power cable with our patented NILM. 

By attaching a clamp to your power cable, Smappee energy monitors can use patented NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) technology to detect appliances and their estimated consumption. This load disaggregation technology records the energy signal from a building and separates it into data that can be assigned to specific appliances. Find out here how this cost-efficient submeter option works and how users can improve Smappee’s NILM technology.

Thanks to the extensive range of submetering options, Smappee users can choose what options best fit their needs, depending on their electrical setup, the required level of accuracy and budget. Want to know more? Contact us at