Making the tech of the future available to your customers today.

  • Turn every house into a smart home with the Smappee energy monitors.
  • Help your customers save energy and money.
  • Potential to increase your revenue by widening your client base.
  • Combine Smappee with your products or services (tying).
  • Always buy Smappee with a partner discount.
  • Sharpen your knowledge during our free information sessions.
  • Receive support for questions about our product or its installation.
Become Smappee certified now
Smappee - Smart energy metering - endless possibilities - partners

An endless array
of options.

Smart home systems and manufacturers incorporate Smappee into their products. Installers automatically include Smappee when installing solar panels, electricity or central heating systems. Utility companies offer the benefits of Smappee as an additional service to their customers. Wholesalers and online stores sell our products to installers or private individuals.

Become a Smappee Certified installer now and enjoy a lot of benefits.

  • Smappee Plus and Pro are sold exclusively through Smappee Certified installers & official distributors.
  • Only you as a Smappee Certified installer may install the products. That's easy after following our free webinars.
  • We refer potential customers to you and support you with promotional material.
  • Smappee Plus and Pro work with all solar transducers and power storage systems.

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2 Follow the Smappee Technical Webinar and learn how to quickly and easily install the Smappee Plus and Pro.

Or email to for more information about the « Smappee Certified » program and all the benefits you can enjoy.

In recent years, there has been a smart green technology revolution. A growing number of homeowners are looking for smart ways to lower their energy bill and reduce their ecological footprint. By integrating Smappee in our products, Rexel is simply meeting the ever-changing needs of the modern market.

Rexel (electricity supplies wholesaler)

Smappee is the perfect extension of our QIVICON Home Base partner platform, which wirelessly connects the appliances of several of our partners. You can easily operate, combine and automate appliances and functionality with a smartphone, tablet or PC, using the different partners’ apps. With Smappee, customers of the QIVICON partners also have access to real-time data about the energy consumption of every appliance, which can help them reduce their energy consumption and bills.

Thomas Rockmann, Connected Home Deutsche Telekom

The more people use SolarCoins, the more their value will increase and the more cash the users can earn. Up until now, SolarCoin users registered their energy output every six months. The integration with Smappee allows us to control the production of solar energy in real-time and collect data that are used to measure air pollution and monitor climate change.

François Sonnet, SolarCoin Foundation

Spain is a very sunny country. Smappee helps us take full advantage of this energy. I really try to convince my customers to give Smappee a try because I know how much added value this can create for them. And it also lets them contribute to a better environment.

Xavier Tomàs, Qksol (Renewable Energy Consultant)

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