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Follow the Smappee infinity installation training here.

Installation manuals and technical specifications.

All Smappee manuals and technical specifications

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Demo and installation videos.

Smappee infinity installation

Smappee App

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Smappee installation legacy monitors (Smappee Energy, Solar, Plus and Pro)

Smappee price list.

Price Schedule 2020 AUD

Price Schedule 2020 CAD

Price Schedule 2020 EUR

Price Schedule 2020 GBP

Price Schedule 2020 USD Africa

Price Schedule 2020 USD

Smappee brand materials.

We want to help you get the Smappee word out in your region. Get a bronze, silver, gold or platinum marketing package and get the most out of the Smappee marketing materials. Fill in this form to order the marketing package that meets your specific need and e-mail it to Below you can download all the free marketing materials. Please send all adapted marketing materials for review to

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Smappee Branding Guidelines

Content materials.



Use cases & testimonials

Blog posts & press releases

Smappee awards


App & Dashboard

Infinity architecture

Smappee CT Hub - Smappee Power Box - Smappee Genius - Smappee Connect seriesSmappee Input module - Smappee Output module - Smappee CTs - Smappee Switch - Smappee Gas & Water - In the box


Point of sales materials.




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