Smappee Gas & Water, how does it work?


Smappee Gas & Water Installation Download the Smappee App from GooglePlay and Appstore and create an account. Go to Settings, open Your Smappee monitors and tap the plus-sign to add a Smappee Gas & Water. Follow the installation flow in the App.
Smappee Gas & Water Installation Insert 2 AA batteries into the monitor.
Smappee Gas & Water Installation Connect your Smappee energy monitor to the Smappee Gas & Water via Bluetooth. Make sure you stand as close as possible to the Smappee Gas & Water, you have a working Wi-Fi connection and your phone's Bluetooth is enabled.
Smappee Gas & Water Installation Select which input channel you want to configure and whether you want to measure gas or water via this input channel.
Smappee Gas & Water Installation Depending on your meter* and setup, Smappee will let you know whether to use a magnetic or an optical sensor to connect your Smappee Gas & Water to the meter. Follow the steps in the Smappee App to finish the configuration of this input channel.
Smappee Gas & Water Installation Save the configuration and start monitoring your gas or water consumption. 
Smappee Gas & Water Installation Repeat steps 4 to 6 if you want to configure the other input channel to measure gas or water consumption.

*Consult the compatibility check to know whether Smappee Gas & Water is compatible with your gas or water meter.

! Please note that Smappee Gas & Water is not compatible with digital meters, gas meters with a magnetic output and meters with red revolving dials.

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