Adding intelligence to smart meters.

Smappee’s smart meter module is a plug and play add-on for smart meters. It offers the best of both worlds: enabling the smart grid and offering insights that help manage energy efficiently and save costs. The module will be available soon to read the P1 and/or S1 port of smart meters in Flanders (Belgium). The module can be custom-created for other regions.

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Smart meter module

Proven added value for consumers.

The roll-out of the smart meter encounters resistance from consumers. Smappee's smart meter module quickly and easily adds a lot of added value to their smart meter:
• Discover standby power and energy guzzlers.
• See real-time and historical electricity ànd gas data.
• Save energy, costs and the environment.
• Discover how well you're doing compared to others.
• Optional NILM feature for appliance detection.
• Know when you’re sending solar back to the grid.
• Plug and play – install yourself.

Tailored to fit any energy need.

Experience the benefits of the rich Smappee data and the infinite possibilities of its modular system:
• Get insights in always-on power, real-time and historical energy data per day, week, month or year.
• Access in-depth data in the professional dashboard.
• Use Smappee’s API to build additional services.
• Low Total Cost of Ownership.
• Offer clients remote support and configuration.
• Custom-create Smappee’s smart meter module.
• Rebrand packaging, app and dashboard.

Smappee Smart meter module
Smart meter module


Using Smappee, you can be confident to keep up with the latest evolutions and innovations in the market such as dynamic customer loads, EV growth and distributed renewable energy integration. Smappee continuously works on the expansion and compatibility of its ecosystem, so that it responds to what users really need to use energy carefree and as efficiently as possible. When in time, there is a need for more data, control or services, they can add modules to the existing solution. Over-the-air updates enable Smappee to adapt to any demand scenarios and all applications, preparing it for the coming smart grid (r)evolution.

Smappee is the only third-party energy management system that has developed a tailored solution that measures the data from both the P1 port and the S1 port of the Flemish (Belgium) digital power meter. Smappee’s Smart meter module adds unique intelligence to the smart meter, offering detailed energy data down to the appliance level. This sparks the consumers’ interest and acceptance of the product and allows utilities to build energy services based on that data.

Stefan Grosjean, CEO at Smappee

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