Smappee expands compatibility with EV charging stations for even more energy efficiency.

Smappee Infinity Smart EV Charging Keba, Alfen, EVBox, Powerdale

Smappee allows electric vehicle drivers to enjoy a number of benefits that enhances their charging experience. Next to the usual features such as setting smart EV schedules to have your car fully charged when you need it and distributing the available energy capacity proportionally over multiple active charging stations, it also offers unique smart charging features such as overloading protection (avoid overloading your breaker panel and the grid) and self-sufficiency, using solar power for charging the car as efficient as possible. Smappee users that want to add one or more charging stations to their building can opt for one of the compatible charging stations* in order to further optimise their energy efficiency. Smappee is compatible with charging stations from different brands such as Alfen, EVBox, KEBA and Powerdale and continues to add other brands to the list.

Of course, users who already own an Alfen, KEBA or Powerdale charging station can also enjoy the Smappee technology by adding a Smappee Infinity to their building.

Installation is easy. Complete the physical installation of the car charging station and the Smappee Infinity. Then configure the EV charging station to be able to communicate with Smappee. And finally, connect your charging station with the Smappee Infinity via your Smappee App.

Discover how you can enable Smappee’s smart EV charging in the Smappee App on our YouTube channel.

Curious about what Smappee’s Smart EV charging technology can offer for commercial buildings? This video showcases how it allows a dynamic smart exchange of energy between cars, building and grid at The Outlook office building at Schiphol.