Smappee successfully enforces intellectual property rights for Smappee EV Wall.

Harelbeke, Belgium, 11 July 2022 – On 23 June 2022, the Brussels Business Court issued judgment confirming that the products of Blitz Power BV infringe Smappee’s intellectual property rights in the EV Wall intelligent charging station. The verdict follows the copyright and design right infringement proceedings initiated by Smappee in October 2021. The judgement entails an injunction of the accused Blitz Power products covering Belgium and by extension the entire European Union.

Smappee continuously invests in innovation in form and function. The design of its intelligent EV charging stations is protected by registered design rights and copyright. In its judgment, the Court confirms the originality and individual character of the Smappee design. The Court holds that the accused products convey the same overall visual impression and that the slavish imitation of Smappee’s EV Wall charging station may cause confusion. The Court issues an injunction covering the entire European Union for two colour variants of the accused products, and Belgium for the others. A copy of the judgment, which can be appealed, is available here via this link.

“We welcome this decision, which we believe is fully justified”, says Stefan Grosjean, CEO and designer of the Smappee EV Wall. “Sleek design is in the DNA of all our products. This has already won us several awards, including last year’s iF Design award for the EV Base design. The big brother of the EV Wall. We are proud of our design and are happy to have our customers benefit from it. When people see our EV Wall and, by extension, the EV Line, they immediately know: that’s Smappee. We want to keep it that way and will take the necessary steps to protect our intellectual property and individuality.”

Smappee highly values its intellectual property rights and the efforts and investments by its partners to deliver the innovative Smappee charging stations to customers. The company will continue to invest in intellectual property protection to stop competitors from copying its products and technologies. 

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