New charging station brings smart solar charging to Irish market.

Today, Belgian clean-tech company Smappee, known for its enhanced energy efficiency solutions, launched its EV Line, a series of smart and future-proof charging stations in Ireland. Unique about the charging stations is their integrated Smappee energy management technology. This way, they offer overload protection, optimised self-consumption, and real-time insight into the charging process and costs. But they also provide insight and control over other energy flows within the building and thanks to the expandability you immediately buy a solution suitable for all your future energy needs. With the Smappee EV Base and EV Wall, Smappee offers a solution tailored to companies and for home charging.

Truly smart EV charging.

There are three major issues associated with electric charging. Blown fuses because of the higher energy demand during EV charging, frustration about the lack of insight into the charging process and costs and the lack of control the own solar power during the charging sessions. Thanks to the integrated Smappee intelligence the Smappee EV Line overcomes these drawbacks. This solution always keeps consumption below the limits of the current infrastructure, avoiding the need for expensive modifications to the power supply. It makes maximum use of solar or off-peak power. Using the Smappee App and Dashboard, users and fleet managers can view the charging process and costs in real-time, and they can see the historical data as well.

More than a charging station.

If you buy a Smappee charging station, you also immediately acquire an energy management system (BEMS). That way you can optimally coordinate all energy flows within your home or company and not just the electrical power to the car. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to use energy even more efficiently, to use the most economical energy (solar energy or during off-peak hours) and to reduce the energy bill. Thanks to the modular aspect of the technology, you can also make your building future-proof and continue to respond to the new energy standards and possibilities. Are you installing an extra charging station, a heat pump or solar panels? No problem. By placing a few modules, you immediately incorporate these devices into the whole and from that moment on they are also controlled as energy-efficiently as possible.


Companies can maximize their Smappee charging stations thanks to the three possible payment options and the option to charge different rates. And for those who need to get to an appointment quickly, there is priority charging, where certain vehicles are charged faster than others. All these things can be conveniently set by charging plaza owners in the Smappee dashboard.

Design for your business or your home.

Smappee wants to transform the charging station from a necessity to an added-value feature in every car park. ‘This is a great moment in Smappee’s history,’ says Stefan Grosjean, CEO and founder of Smappee. ‘With the Smappee EV Base, we are taking our energy management expertise into the world of EV charging. We have made maximum use of functional design. For example, the integrated LED light also serves as lighting for the parking lot or there is no separate pole to be mounted to set up the charging pole. The concept is clearly appreciated because we have already received several awards, including the Henry van de Velde design award and a nomination for the IF Design awards.”

Starting today, end users looking to have the Smappee EV Base installed on their premises can contact their accredited electrician or a Smappee Certified partner in Belgium. Electricians wanting to include the smart charging station in their product range can contact

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About Smappee.

Smappee is an award-winning global cleantech company that aims to save its customers energy and money by reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency. Our future-proof energy management system Smappee Infinity uses state-of-the-art technology to analyze the real-time use of electricity, solar power, gas and water. The Smappee EV Line is the new series of EV charging stations that enable the optimal and smart charging of electric vehicles. The company was founded by Stefan Grosjean in 2012 and is headquartered in a new cleantech hub ‘Snowball’ in Harelbeke (Belgium).