Budderfly chooses Smappee over competition as main energy metering technology for commercial portfolio.

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According to a recent report, North America is expected to be the world’s leading region for the energy efficiency as a service (EEaaS) market. This is the result of a rapid increase in energy efficiency projects and investments due to the rise of resources available through utility energy efficiency programs as well as innovative business models in the private sector. Budderfly, a North American energy efficiency as a service company and a fast-growing venture capital backed Energy Service Company (ESCO), has been active in this market for some time, offering energy metering solutions to many types of facilities. As Budderfly’s customer base grew, it became clear that they needed a more cost-efficient and easier to install meter solution for the thousands of commercial locations they serviced. In addition, any solution had to work with Budderfly’s unique managed energy services agreement (MESA) contracting model which emphasized quick installations and no out of pocket costs for each client.

Cost-efficient energy metering.

For one of its most important customers, the largest chain of sandwich shops in the world, Budderfly needed to implement an energy-saving solution that could work across thousands of similar shops throughout North America. This large franchise customer also wanted to identify and monitor the energy use of specific appliances in each store. Budderfly had to optimize its solutions as their previous methods for installation of the energy metering hardware was too time consuming and expensive. So, Budderfly began looking for an alternative hardware that could be installed more quickly but would also deliver the desired data. In addition, the solution had to fit into Budderfly’s energy services contracting model in which it pays facilities to upgrade their energy efficiency, guarantees them ten years of savings, and adds free ongoing metering and tech improvements such as LED lighting, upgraded HVAC, and even renewable power sourcing.

Energy metering

Modular and future-proof energy metering.

Budderfly approached all traditional metering vendors in search for a solution. It was only when they turned to Smappee and its modular Smappee Infinity ecosystem that they found the answers to their needs. «Smappee was the only vendor that took the time to actually listen to what we were looking for», says Chris DeBenedictis, VP Products at Budderfly, «We immediately felt that Smappee was the right choice. Not just because of the easy to install hardware but also because of the investment that they were willing to make for this partnership. On the one hand their team invested a lot of time in working closely together with our people to come up with the best possible setup to fit our needs.»

Installed three times as fast

The flexibility of the Smappee team and product resulted in a setup that could be installed three times as fast as previous solutions, offering an excellent operational optimization and cost efficiency. Equally important, Smappee was willing to participate in the financial model aspects of Budderfly’s energy efficiency as a service. No other party could offer us that,» noted Chris. Thanks to its modularity, Smappee Infinity can be set up quickly in almost any electrical installation. The system is easy to expand as more (sub)metering or control is needed now or in the future. After a successful pilot in 10 stores, the solution is now being rolled-out in 1,000s of stores throughout the US in the coming months.

Customer. Budderfly
Country. United States
Industry. Energy Services Company

Budderfly offers Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) to all types of facilities from office buildings, retail stores and restaurants to schools, recreational buildings, health-care facilities and beyond. Its unique business model delivers an energy management solution that provides significant energy savings at no cost to the customer. Budderfly is based in Shelton, Connecticut and has clients across North America.

Budderfly needed a simpler and more modular metering solution that was cost effective and easier to install across thousands of small commercial locations, while also providing a financing vehicle that would be able to fit into Budderfly’s energy services contracting model.

The modular and compact Smappee Infinity can be installed quickly and fits in almost any electrical installation. The system is easy to expand as more (sub)metering, data or control is needed. Thanks to Smappee, Budderfly can now install metering systems three times faster, offering them an amazing operational optimisation and cost efficiency. Smappee also participated in the financial model of Budderfly’s energy efficiency as a service.

– Installation time reduced to a third.
– Tailored metering solution to fit Budderfly’s needs.
– Consistent and accurate energy data.
– Successful pilot in 10 stores.
– Solution that is ready to be installed in 1,000s of locations throughout the US.

Why Smappee?
– Quick & easy installation, low maintenance.
– Data available in any third-party EMS/BMS system via open API.
– Flexible team that thinks with the customer to come to best possible solution.
– Remote load configuration and support via professional dashboard.
– Future-proof thanks to over-the-air updates and modularity.
– Applicable worldwide.

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