Swiss want to reduce energy consumption by half by 2035

Smappee and Enaio

Switzerland will increase its focus on the generation of sustainable energy in the coming years. In a binding referendum, 58.2 percent of the population approved a government plan ‘Energy strategy 2050’ for a greener energy supply. The production of renewable energy will be quadrupled and by 2035 every Swiss needs to reduce his energy consumption by half. Hence, the demand for solar PV installations is growing enormously. Many solar panel PV installers, such as Enaio, are responding to this by offering consumers all-in-one solutions. Enaio monitors, finances, insures, installs and maintains the ideal system for his customers. The customer doesn’t have to worry about anything and pays Enaio for the solar energy he uses for a couple of years. That price is lower than what he would pay for the grey power from the grid and is higher than the price that Enaio would receive if he put the energy into the net. This way the consumer pays off his installation, Enaio recovers his investment and energy consumption is in balance with the produced renewable energy resulting in less CO2 emissions. To convince prospects of their saving potential, determine the ideal installation and accurately bill his clients, Enaio put Smappee Solar at the core of his offering.

Balance energy use and production.

Smappee Solar accurately measures your real-time energy production and consumption, down to appliance level, and shows you how much it costs in kWh and currency per day, month and year. This detailed information is easily accessible in the Smappee app and allows users to discover energy guzzlers, reduce always-on energy, adjust their behaviour and balance their power usage to the power produced – becoming CO2 neutral-. Enaio installs Smappee Solar in the homes of his prospects. After a few months he draws up a report showing them the saving potential of a solar PV installation. If prospects accept his proposal he leaves the Smappee there to monitor the solar power so he can accurately bill them for the power they use and monitor the productivity of the installation. His clients also have access to the Smappee app so they can continuously follow-up on their energy usage and production –and keep them in balance- and verify the bills that Enaio sends them.

Smappee and Enaio

Partner. Enaio
Country. Switzerland
Industry. Solar


Enaio and its patner platform engineer all-in-one solar solutions and offer them to their clients. He unburdens his customers by financing, installing, insuring and maintaining the ideal solar PV system based on the energy use of the home owner. His business model starts with the determination of a prospect’s power consumption and providing insights in the savings they could do by having a PV installation. When the prospect accepts the offer they lease the installation and pay Enaio for the used solar energy for several years and afterwards own the installation and the solar power it produces.


To accurately determine the energy use and dimension of the PV installation Enaio needs to be able to measure the energy consumption of the prospect correctly. He will also need insights on what savings his prospect can realize by altering their energy usage behavior and by installing a PV installation. Once the installation is up and running he will need an easy-to-use and transparent tool to correctly monitor the solar production in order to invoice the client correctly.


Smappee Solar monitors energy use and production with prospects. After a few months Enaio sends them an offer for the ideal solar PV installation together with an overview of the savings they could make. Once their client is convinced they leave the Smappee in the home and take care of the entire installation. Enaio has access to the data of the Smappee so he can monitor the solar production and can invoice correctly and see when maintenance is in order. The client also remains to have access to the Smappee data so that he can follow his consumption and use his solar power to the fullest. The insights will also make it possible for him to check whether the invoice he receives is correct.


  • Possibility to balance energy use and production – be CO2 neutral.
  • Real-time and continuous insights app – longevity behavioral change.
  • Smappee is foot in the door with customers to sell solar PV installation.
  • Correct invoicing thanks to accurate measurement. 
Why Smappee?
– Easy to install – not time consuming.
– Very accurate measurements compared to other systems.
– Future-proof.
– Easy-to-use for client via app.
– One tool to monitor energy and solar.