We’ve designed the Smappee App specially to support current and future Smappee innovations and to perfect the Smappee user experience. Download the app “Smappee Energy Monitor” now from GooglePlay and Appstore.

Besides a guide on how to use the Smappee App, we list all recent features and updates in this blog post.

  1. BRAND NEW! Get personalised push notifications.
    Schedule push notifications to optimise your energy efficiency. Go to Control, Automations and create an automation and request a push notification to notify you about the status of an appliance or trigger. E.g. get notified when the washing machine is done, when there’s excess energy, when someone entered the building or when total consumption in your building reaches a certain threshold. (Only works with Smappee Infinity with a Genius as gateway)

  2. BRAND NEW! Automate and optimise self-consumption.
    Smappee can now forecast your excess energy based on the weather forecast and your own historical energy data. Use this forecast to create an automation and optimise your self-consumption. Go to Control to create an Automation. E.g. heat the water boiler when there’s at least 3000 W excess energy available for one hour, set heat pump in boost mode when there’s at least 6000 W available for 2 hours. Tip: this automation only works one month after installation when there is sufficient data.Verify your self-sufficiency in your energy usage detail. Click the bubble and now how much of your solar energy is used for your own consumption and how much of your consumption is covered by your solar energy production. (Only works with Smappee Infinity with a Genius as gateway)
  3. BRAND NEW! Automate based on loads.
    Now you can automate based on when a specific load reaches a certain threshold. E.g. turn off your HVAC when your emergency generator is above 1000 watts. (Only works with Smappee Infinity with a Genius as gateway)

  4. BRAND NEW! Control car charging from your phone.
    Now you can use the Smappee App to control your charging process remotely. You can start and stop the charging of your car wherever you are or create Smart charging schedules to automatically optimise the energy use for the charging of your EV. Smappee optimises the power available from solar energy to ensure it is maximised throughout the day. It does this while making sure your EV has as much charge as you want by the time you need it. Go to control, add your car charging station and control or automate your charging process. (Only works with Smappee Infinity with a Genius as gateway)

  5. Enhance your Smappee experience. Complete the survey.
    Now you can tell Smappee all about your home or building. Just fill in the appliance survey. Tell Smappee what type of building you live in, how many people live in your home and what appliances you use. You’ll be able to compare your usage to that of similar households and view more energy data down to the appliance level. Go to Profile, go to Your locations, select a home and tap Survey.
  6. Get even more accurate energy costs.
    Now you can view your energy costs according to your utility tariffs and rates in the Smappee App. Consult your utility bill and add the tariffs and rates for electricity, gas and water that apply to your building. Open the App, go to Settings, select your Location and go to Your tariffs to add these tariffs and rates. You’ll get even more accurate energy costs in your spendings and appliance overview. Watch here how the new “Your tariffs” app feature works.
  7. Compare your electricity usage
    See how your electricity and always on usage compare to that of similar households. This is based on the information shared in the Smappee survey. So make sure you fill out the Smappee Survey. Go to Settings, Your locations, choose a location and tap Survey to fill it out. After two weeks you can view your Usage comparison on the dashboard of your Smappee App.
  8. Automate buildings easily.
    Connect a Smappee Output module, Smappee Switch or another smart devices to remotely operate or automate appliances. Automate certain events in order to use appliances more efficiently and simplify everyday living. Trigger smart devices according to activity in the building, activity of an appliance, location, active energy use, sunrise/sunset, time schedule, import/export or device state. Get an idea of how Smappee users create their connected home or building with the Smappee ecosystem in our blog post. (Only works with Smappee Infinity with a Genius as gateway)
  9. Interaction with battery visible.
    As a Smappee Infinity (,Plus and Pro) user, you can now view how the energy flows interact with your energy storage system. Go to Smart Devices under Control and tap the plus icon.
  10. Improve NILM* appliance detection.
    If you only use NILM technology to submeter appliances, errors are always possible. But you don’t just have to sit back and accept it. Add submetering with CTs and Smappee Switch or improve NILM appliance detection with the following app features.
    – Let Smappee know what appliances can be detected.
    In the appliance survey in the Smappee app, users can mark which appliances are present in the building. That way, Smappee knows what electrical tunes to look for on the power cable.
    – Give feedback on detected Events.
    You can give it direct feedback on Smappee’s efforts to recognise appliances via NILM*. In the event list, you can swipe an event to the right if Smappee detected it correctly. If Smappee got it wrong, just swipe the event to the left.
    – Use Smappee Switch to find more appliances.
    Your Smappee Switch gets even smarter. Besides controlling your appliances remotely and measuring your appliance’s energy consumption, the Smappee Switch can now help Smappee learn more about appliances submetered via NILM*. Connect your Switch to an appliance your Smappee hasn’t been able to find (accurately). When Smappee has found the appliance after a few weeks, you can move the Switch to another appliance you want Smappee to detect
    – Use the Assisted Learning app feature
    A few weeks after installation, Smappee might have found several electrical tunes that NILM* can’t assign to an appliance. Users can help assign a tune to a specific appliance using the Assisted Learning app feature. You simply have to turn the appliance on and off three times when asked. Smappee tries to filter out the tune that started and ended at the exact time that the user switched the appliance on and off. If there’s a match, Smappee will learn and remember the appliance. Go to Appliances and tap the plus icon.

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*Smappee offers several ways to submeter appliances. One of the most intriguing ways is surely our patented NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) technology, a load disaggregation tool. Submetering with NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) identifies up to 5 appliances and maps out their approximate energy use with an average accuracy of 70%, at no additional cost. Most likely, the identified appliances will be among the following: refrigerator, freezer, microwave, stove, oven, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker (e.g. Nespresso, Senseo, etc.), dishwasher, iron, washing machine, tumble dryer, water pump, lights (>50W) or car charger. Note that the NILM feature only works in residential buildings and is disabled by default when installing Smappee. Here’s how it works.