Smappee, which is leading the revolution in energy monitoring solutions, has just raised 2.7 million USD in a series A funding round. The investors are the current management, who want to assure the growth of the company, after Smappee almost doubled its sales figures in Q4 2015 compared to the previous quarter. Stefan Grosjean (CEO), co- founder of Smappee: “We want to create a sustainable change in energy behavior, by giving real- time insights into energy consumption and by giving users the necessary tools to get started. That benefits both the customer and the planet.”

The 2.7 million USD Series A round was led by CEO Stefan Grosjean and COO Hans Delabie, who have already raised 5.4 million USD in total, since Smappee was founded in late 2012. Smappee wants to create an effortless and sustainable change in energy behavior, without compromises to comfort. That is beneficial for the planet, but also for the consumer. Now more than ever, consumers and entrepreneurs realize this could also be to their advantage. Therefore, Smappee offers not only B2C but also B2B solutions with its Smappee Pro.

“This market is huge”, explains Hans Delabie, COO and co-founder of Smappee. “The last few months we have seen a lot of traction from France, Switzerland and Australia but the trend is positive in all countries. The main reasons are fluctuating energy prices, but also changes in legislation and a growing climate change awareness due to the COP21 conference in Paris and the popularity of solar energy.”

A smart traffic controller

At this point in time, Smappee allows to you monitor the electricity you consume and generate, but in the near future homes will become real decentralized power units with smart applications based on the Internet of Things. Smappee wants to play a leading role in this evolution.

Stefan Grosjean, CEO and co-founder of Smappee: “In the end, your Smappee will function as a traffic controller between your solar panels, your appliances and your home battery. It will tell your freezer to work harder when your solar panels are generating electricity and less when the sun is not shining. It will also know at what time in the morning you need hot water for your shower. With this 2.7 million USD funding, we are taking the next steps in that direction by launching new innovations in 2016. We will broaden the scope to other energy sources such as gas and water and enhance the upcoming energy transition with smart energy grid and energy storage. By popular demand, that is.

25 years of experience in energy management

CEO Stefan Grosjean has been an expert in the field of energy management ever since he founded his former company EnergyICT 25 years ago. That company, a world leader in the field of energy management solutions for industrial and commercial companies, government authorities and energy providers, was sold in 2009. Smappee represents Stefan Grosjean’s desire to apply his experience for the benefit of consumers as well.

In the current phase towards energy transition, homes are already becoming smarter homes, but energy use still remains surprisingly unclear to users. Enormous progress is possible here. According to research, consumers can reduce their energy use by up to 12% if they are provided with real-time feedback of their energy use and even up to 30% when old high energy-consuming appliances are replaced with newer more energy-efficient models. That leads to savings on average of 215 USD. Smappee thus benefits the environment as well as the consumer.

To quote Stefan Grosjean: “Just like sorting our garbage at home has become a habit, energy saving will become a habit. This is necessary not only for the climate but for our wallets. We just need to discover how much we could gain and how simple it is.”

Worldwide traction

The term ‘smart home’ is often used to address home automation in a science fiction context, but that is not what a smart home should be about. The more fundamental issue is about tackling a real problem. This explains why Smappee shows such great traction, with sales almost doubled in Q4 2015 compared to the previous quarter, a 70% growth in 2015 compared to the previous year and a rapidly growing community of resellers and partners.

Smappee originates from Belgium, but its market is worldwide. It is sold in over 60 countries and receives increasing interest from utilities as well as telecoms industry. Hans Delabie, COO and co- founder: “Currently the main focus is on Europe, but Smappee will keep expanding its activities in the US and the South Pacific to become the market leader in energy-saving, smart-home applications“

About Smappee

Smappee develops innovative solutions for more sustainable energy consumption. The energy monitor measures the exact use of all important appliances and provides real-time data in a design that has already won several awards. With the user-friendly Smappee app for smart phone or tablet, the user can monitor his energy consumption in real-time and analyse it. Energy guzzlers and standby power consumption can thus easily be detected. With some simple changes in energy behaviour, Smappee pays itself back in one or two years. Additionally, Smappee measures the production of solar panels, should there be any, and the Comfort Plugs™ allow you to switch appliances on and off remotely.

Smappee makes sure that both consumer and the environment benefit from its efficiency solutions. Consuming less energy without compromising comfort is a top priority in the range of solutions Smappee offers to consumers and professional users.

Stefan Grosjean and Hans Delabie, experts in the field of energy management, founded the company in 2012. In 2014 Smappee won the Deloitte Fast50 Rising Star Award. More information on