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Last week we launched Smappee Plus, a new residential solar monitoring platform that provides greater smart home functionality and insights for solar consumers, and delivers value to solar professionals, electricians, and HVAC installers by reducing their customer acquisition costs and expanding their service offerings. 

So, What Makes Smappee Plus Different from Smappee Solar?

Smappee Plus is our smartest, most advanced energy monitoring system yet. For solar consumers, Smappee Plus adds submetering capabilities, allowing users to recognize specific home appliances that were previously difficult to detect with our Smappee Solar product. Now, appliances with variable consumption, such as an air conditioning unit, can be automatically recognized and logged into Smappee’s smart home energy-efficiency data.

But that’s not all. 

Smappee Plus can aggregate valuable insights about how much users are spending on specific energy usage in their home. Users of Smappee Plus can see how much they’re spending on such things as lighting, or their pool pump, or a specific room in their home — empowering them to make informed, purposeful decisions about saving energy as well as costs on their monthly electricity bills.

Smappee Plus also acts as an energy traffic controller. Rather than receiving a lower net metering bill credit, Smappee Plus can direct solar kilowatt-hours to an energy storage unit or to high-intensity loads, such as a dishwasher, during expensive peak rate times. Therefore, not only will solar consumers have more energy bill insights about the usage of their appliances, they’ll also increase their savings during high demand rates.  

As with all Smappee models, Smappee Plus also works with Smappee Comfort PlugsTM, allowing users to remotely control and monitor lights and appliances at work or at home.

5 Ways Smappee Plus Benefits Solar Installers

Clearly, Smappee Plus increases energy savings and control for consumers. However, we’ve gone one step further with Smappee Plus to help bring additional benefits to businesses that install Smappee products, empowering them to reduce the cost of customer acquisition, generate new revenue streams, and future-proof their businesses.

How? Here are five ways.

1. Use Smappee Plus to engage with past solar customers

 You’ve been in the solar or related trades for many years now and have a list of solar customers who may have never used a monitoring service. With Smappee Plus, you can re-engage with these customers and offer them a Smappee Plus with a single, one-time fee. They’ll not only benefit from having affordable, state-of-the-art monitoring, but also from added energy-efficiency savings and connected home control—a win-win for you and your past customers. 

2. Use Smappee Plus as a gateway for other added services

Whether or not past customers are interested in purchasing a Smappee Plus, they may be interested in adding energy storage to their solar installation or to have operations and maintenance (O&M) servicing, or perhaps they have a pool and want to monitor their hot water costs with Smappee’s other smart home monitors. Once again, Smappee Plus can be a great re-engagement tool to remind customers that your company is more than just a solar expert. With Smappee, you’re a smart-home and energy-efficiency expert, too.

3. Use Smappee Plus to inspire referrals

Even if your past customers pass on purchasing Smappee Plus, you can offer it to them as a referral thank-you gift when they refer two friends that enlist your services. With customer acquisition costs at nearly $3,000 per installation, giving away a Smappee Plus is a bargain that can significantly boost your solar customer acquisitions.

4. Use Smappee Plus to differentiate your services

With the addition of Smappee Plus and its internet-of-things smart home functionality, you can stand out from competitors as a smart-home expert and installer.

By standardizing Smappee Plus into your solar installation business model, you can not only include subscription-free monitoring for your consumers, but also deliver smart-home capabilities that a standard solar installation competitor doesn’t offer.

5. Future-proof your solar company

There are a lot of empty roofs in the U.S. and all over the world, but veterans of the solar industry have seen many boom-and-bust cycles. Smappee Plus can help offset these cycles by expanding your business into the smart-home and energy-efficiency services arena.

Since Smappee works with connected-home products such as Amazon’s Alexa platform, you can become a go-to supplier of these products to your past and new solar customers. Since Smappee Plus also interfaces seamlessly with EV chargers, this is another area where Smappee can anchor your business for growth into product segments that will soon become as common as washers and dryers. 

To find out more about Smappee Plus, our full range of Smappee energy-monitoring products and how to become a Smappee retailer and installer, click here.