6 green back to school tips

The start of the new academic year is an exciting and busy time for the kids… but for the parents as well: endless lists of school supplies, impossible time schedules to get the kids to their afterschool activities and over the summer they seem to have outgrown every single piece of clothing. Keep calm! Try our 6 green Back to School tips and make this September as relaxing and eco-friendly as a walk in the park…and they’ll save you money at the same time!

1. Swap Your Clothes. Has your little one already outgrown the clothes you bought last fall? You’re probably not the only parent with this problem. Arrange a clothing swap with family, friends and neighbours. You’ll find great new items for your kids and on top of that you are able to give away items that you no longer need. Still have some leftover clothing? Donate them to charity.

2. Create a Car or Bikepool. Once again: together we are strong. Take turns with other parents for daily drop off and pick up at school or for biking with the group to school. The bike is also a fun and eco-friendly way to plan transport for afterschool activities.

3. Save paper. Ask the teacher if it’s possible to turn in the assignments digitally. Teach your kids to use both sides of each paper and all the pages of notebooks before throwing them in the bin. Buy recycled paper and print two-sided.

4. Discover nature. Plan a few hours a week for spending some time outside with your kids. The more they get in touch with nature, the more likely they will respect it when they’re grown up.

5. Pack a sustainable lunch. Reach for reusable containers and water bottles. Adjust the lunch recipes according to the season and cut down on meat. Buy your ingredients fresh and locally.

6. Buy eco-friendly school supplies. Fortunately, “green” is trending. You can find school supplies that are stylish, colourful and earth and child friendly.

These fun tips will undoubtedly make it a bit easier to say goodbye to summer. Good luck!

6 green back to school tips