… including new features & useful hacks!

The Smappee home energy monitor helps you map out (and handle) your power consumption. Result: a far more acceptable energy bill and a lower carbon footprint! And, as you’re in charge of your domestic power use, you can avoid unpleasant surprises! Nevertheless, although our monitor is (very, very) smart, you need an interface that allows you to make it happen. That’s why we’d love to take some time to explain all the tips and tricks of our Smappee app. Do you already know the app from inside out? No worries: the sneak peak to our new features will definitely keep you tuned.

1. Measurement brings knowledge

Our quest starts at the home screen, where you’ll see 3 bubbles. The grey bubble shows you the exact total power use, the blue bubble indicates your stand-by energy consumption and the green bubble presents your very own solar production. As the data are being communicated in real-time, you’ll see the grey bubble getting bigger when an appliance is turned on. Which can be useful to label newly-found appliances!

  • TIP! Press once on a bubble and you'll see real-time how much the energy use is costing you per hour. Press again and you'll see the costs of the past 30 days.

 It’s very nice that you know your home’s total power consumption, but that’s not all. The timeline ‘Events’ shows you clearly which devices have been used at what time. Did someone just switch on the oven? Lucky you, you might just expect a delicious meal shortly.

  • NEW! Color. Done with the grey, let’s add some color! The green events are active, a red color means the appliance is switched off.
  • NEW! Short events. We want to keep the timeline well structured. That’s why, if an appliance has been switched off shortly after it has been switched on, the app will automatically merge both events into one.
  • NEW! Question mark. When your Smappee is unsure which appliance he recognised, a question mark will be shown. A double question mark means Smappee doubts the right appliance has been recognised.

2. Analysis brings comprehension

You know what’s going on in your home. Very well. But let’s play detective and take a closer look at individual appliances. Find them, label them and inspect their DNA. The appliance list shows you their impact. Wanna dig (even) deeper? Go to smappee.com/mysmappee to get the full data on your desktop!

  • NEW! Sorting Method. Isn't the cost the first thing you want to know about your appliances? We thought so, too. You’ll now see a ranking of appliances according to what they cost you. If you still prefer another sorting mode, simply select your preference in the upper right corner.
  • NEW! When do you use it? Help your Smappee band with your house by manually showing it when you use a certain device. Go to 'Appliances', select an appliance, click 'Edit' and scroll down to 'When do you use it?' All time slots are selected; deselect the time slots your appliance is never used. Do note that no agenda can be shown for the fridge, freezer, aquarium, heating, pump, heating pump and garage, as they’re being used throughout the day.

3. Control brings savings

Use the handy Comfort Plugs™ for the appliances you wish to switch on and off remotely. Useful and safe! Add triggers and prevent fire hazard and towering costs by remotely controlling your charger, computer, iron, etc.

  • TIP! No need to keep the digicoder running for a whole day if you’re only relaxing in front of the tv after work. Eliminate the costs that always-on power can bring along!

Enjoy the Smappee experience (& do pop back to check out the Smappee blog every now and then as we’re announcing big news soon!)


Note: the app has first been fully updated for iOS. But don’t worry, we are working on the Android brother and it’s coming soon.


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