Smappee App is Now Available on the Apple Watch

Today, Smappee users can access the Smappee app on the Apple Watch! 

Smappee’s Apple Watch app provides an intuitive and seamless experience for the energy conscious consumer right from the wrist. It displays your home’s total energy usage, “always-on” consumption and corresponding costs, and power generated by solar should you have solar panels. Conveniently, the app allows users to turn on/off specific appliances remotely. If you forgot to turn off the espresso machine before you rushed off to work, simply use the Smappee Apple Watch app to turn it off while on the go. While summer heat is spiking, use the Smappee Apple Watch app to turn on the fan to cool down your house before you get home.  

The Smappee app is currently available on iOS and Android devices, and now also on the Apple Watch. Click here to download.