Smappee Provides Peace of Mind While You Unwind

July 22, 2015 - With home break-ins on the rise globally, and holiday season banging on our door in it’s sunhat and shades, it’s time to get serious about home security.

Recent studies show that nine out of ten home break-ins could actually be prevented if homeowners would do some advance planning and take steps to burglar-proof their homes. Enter Smappee, the ultimate housesitter here to make sure your vacation is nothing but sun, sea, sand and a very sound sleep.

So what’s the answer?

Smappee, the ‘always on’ home energy monitor that transforms your house into a smart home, for the price of a smart phone. With Smappee’s front line technology, you can now control your house and all of your devices remotely with a simple tap on your phone. Smappee connects to each of the electrical appliances in your home to provide readings about how and when the energy in your house is activated. With Smappee you can relax knowing your house is being monitored in real time, 24/7. 

How does it work?

Thanks to the free Smappee mobile app and Comfort Plugs™, you can control your house and devices from your phone.  Using Smappee’s Smart Logic capabilities, you can even create automated schedules and commands for your devices.  

Never again worry about your home appearing unnoccupied and vulnerable to burglars, with Smappee you can simulate a presence in your house wherever you may be. Simply schedule your lighting to switch on in the evening, or activate your window blinds to give the impression the family is home.

What’s more, Smappee will offer you endless peace of mind by detecting abnormal energy consumption immediately. Has your bedroom light come on unexpectedly, or has the freezer stopped running ? Smappee delivers actionable insight, to reassure you about the health of your home while you’re away, and will prompt you to investigate further if concerned.

Thanks to real time readings and the free Smappee app, your worries about an oven  power surge, or your washing machine springing a leak can be left behind. With Smappee, you can intervene straight away, potentially saving extensive damages and an equally extensive bill. Your days of wondering if you left the iron on, or guessing if you forgot to close the garage door are over.