Smappee App Web Version

From now on, a web version of the Smappee app is available for PC and Mac.  With this web version current and new customers of the independent energy monitor Smappee can consult Smappee information on mobile devices that are not running Android or iOS.  This browser version has the same features as the current apps for Android and iOS, but also enables users to download the data onto their tablet, PC or Mac, in order to further analyse the results.

Smappee gives users insight into their total energy consumption, including “always on” use and the consumption of all main household appliances.  It calculates the corresponding costs and if the user has solar panels, it also shows how much energy they produce.   Forty percent of Smappee users consult the app on a daily basis to get a clear view on their energy consumption.  Others also use the app, in combination with the Comfort Plug™, to switch electrical devices on and off remotely.  Thanks to these features, Smappee users can monitor and manage their home from their smartphone, tablet and as of today, also from their laptop and desktop computers.

In combination with the Smappee energy monitor

The app is to be used together with the Smappee energy monitor.  This “energy buddy” is easily installed, by clipping a clever snap-on connector onto the main cable of your fuse box.  Thanks to the unique electrical signature of appliances, Smappee can measure the total energy consumption in a house as well as the consumption of separate appliances.  The user-friendly app immediately provides you with a clear overview of this data on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Based on the insights procured by the Smappee energy solution, energy consumption can be monitored and optimised.  This can cause a decrease in energy bills of up to 30%, representing an average saving of € 200 per year.

Prices and availability

The Smappee app is available free for devices running iOS and Android, and now also in a free web version for PC and Mac. Click here to download the Android or iOS app or visit for the web version. The independent Smappee energy monitor is available without subscription fee.  The purchase price is C$279.00