ITS and Smappee

Dubai, 19 March 2018 Ideal Technical Solution (ITS) has chosen award-winning Smappee, the world’s smartest home energy monitors, for it’s Smartex energy efficiency IoT platform in the Midlle East.

As we all know, in recent years a smart, green revolution is taking place. An increasing amount of home owners are looking for smart ways to decrease their energy bill and ecological footprint. By integrating Smappee into their offering, ITS can now address these demands and provide their customers with the world’s most advanced energy monitoring technologies on the market.

Smappee monitors the total use of energy within a home and the use of separate domestic appliances. Smappee lets you know when, where and how much money is being consumed by energy guzzlers and adds far greater transparency into the energy use of a homeowner. In addition, Smappee shows solar panel owners how much their solar panels are producing in real-time, per day, month or year.

“Our energy management solutions enable users to gain insight into their consumption data and thus help them consume energy more sustainably”, said Stefan Grosjean, CEO and founder of Smappee. Thanks to the Smappee data they can save up to 30% on their energy bill. Therefore Smappee is the perfect fit for ITS and their customers.” 

“With the integration of Smappee’s smart monitors, we are demonstrating our commitment to delivering new, innovative solutions to our customers and partners” says Mahmoud Shaban, Regional Mangining Director at ITS.

About Smappee

Smappee develops innovative solutions that foster sustainable energy consumption. Its smart monitors analyze the use of solar energy, gas, water and electricity – they were the first ones to track electricity consumption down to appliance level for all important devices. Users get insights via itemized bills and discover their energy consumption, energy guzzlers, standby power, etc. in real-time, at anytime and anywhere via the Smappee app. The Smappee Comfort Plugs and partnerships with third party IOT solutions empower consumers to turn their house into a smarter and better home. The professional version offers SMEs and multi-sites real-time data on one or multiple sites using the same easy installation and user-friendly app as the consumer version. Smappee envisions to change its users’ energy habits by making saving energy fun and to reduce their energy consumption without compromising on comfort. This ensures that both the user and the environment benefit from Smappee’s efficiency solutions. The company was founded in 2012 by Hans Delabie and Stefan Grosjean, advocate for renewable energy & energy efficiency, international expert in Smart Grids & Energy Management and founder of EnergyICT – now part of Honeywell-. Smappee has been award-winning ever since. Smappee is headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium, and offers its solutions in 85 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

Adout ITS

Ideal Technical Solutions (ITS) is a leading provider of smart grid solutions,network control and optimization solutions to the utilities industry, offering high quality products, total platform and exemplary customer service. ITS Smartex innovative platforms are highly scalable and configurable, and are delivered on a number of IT platforms to assist utilities and private customers to monitor, control and optimize their real-time operations. These platforms assist with the monitoring and control of the electrical usage and power consumption. ITS develops and implement solutions based on the latest quality standards.ITS offers open, high performance, highly secure and highly reliable system solutions to utilities in the MEA region. These solutions include power quality monitoring, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), AMI/AMR MDM, Network Management Systems (NMS),Energy Management Systems (EMS),Distribution Management Systems (DMS),and Billing Systems.The company was founded in 2008, ITS is located in KSA,UAE, Iraq and Jordan. For more information, visit