Podo customers can save up to 30% in their energy consumption thanks to Podo and Smappee technologies

  • A study of the ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy) shows that residential consumers and corporate users who have real-time data and feedback down to appliance level save up to 30%.
  • Smappee is an energy monitor which provides real-time information on consumption and individual performance of all your major appliances using unique and patented dissaggregation capabilities.
  • Podo and Smappee have combined their technologies to provide an integrated solution on energy control for residential consumers and corporate users.

The studies performed by the ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy) (*) prove that both, residential consumers and corporate users who know in real-time the individual consumption of the electric devices they have installed are able to save up to 12% in their electricity consumption. Smappee provides a unique and proprietary technology which identifies the “electric signature” of each one of the appliances, and therefrom it detects when each machine switches on and off, and measures its individual consumption. All this information is stored in the cloud and it is accessible via an app; this app also allows controlling the functioning (on/off) of the electric devices remotely. Additionally, based on the stored information, we can get advice on ´when to replace appliances or electric devices by more efficient ones to reach up to 30% savings on electricity consumption.

Podo, the new retail electric company founded by Eugenio Galdón, Juan Béjar, and Joaquín Coronado, has the aim of giving back to its costumers the decision-making power and control over the electricity consumption, enabling to save in a simple way by means of cutting edge technological tools.

With this objective, Podo has signed an agreement with Smappee to implement the energy monitor on its platform, and to enter the market of the Internet of Things by means of a simple and practical app which allows saving on electricity and controlling the electric devices in homes or businesses.

Podo already has information for its customers, and apps to know their electricity consumption, to set up alarms, and to save on their consumption based on the data provided by the new digital metres. The agreement with Smappee represents a step forward in that strategy by enabling to get real-time overview on consumption and performance down to the level of individual appliances for all major appliances.

Besides, in the future, the combination of Podo and Smappee technologies will allow controlling the energy generated by the solar panels installed for own consumption, and thus optimizing when to sell to the market and when to consume the produced electricity, enhancing therefore the return on the investment involved.

Smappee is a company based in Belgium which has developed a unique and patented technology with disaggregation capabilities, and its device is the world-wide market leader. Unlike other devices available on the market, Smappee has been designed not just for residential consumers but also for corporate users with three-phase supply, and where the implementation of a Smappee allows savings higher than 25% on the electricity bill by optimising the power and automating the performance of the intensive appliances in the electrical consumption.

Podo and Smappee joint promotion

Podo has launched a promotion in which it offers a free Smappee to all the corporate users that, having a consumption greater than 25.000 kilowatt-hour per year, hire the electricity supply through the website (www.mipodo.com) with a 18 month commitment of permanence. For the rest of the clients, Podo offers a 50 € discount when buying a Smappee, whose price is 229 €.*A Metareview for Household Electricity Saving opportunities. ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy) June 2010.

About Podo

Podo is a Spanish retail electric company founded by Eugenio Galdón, Juan Béjar, and Joaquín Coronado. Podo has launched an advertising campaign on television under the slogan “we are electricity, not an electric”, in which it promises to its customers to save in their consumption, to understand the bill, to pay every month the same amount, and to move to Podo in two minutes from their current retail companies; all this with no impact on the supply quality, and with a simple and personal quality service.Podo means savings, it offers competitive rates, committing to keep them fixed for a year, and it is control, since it offers to its customers the tools to become owners of their consumption.Pode claims to give back the control of electricity to its clients, both businesses and households. Podo offers an overview of the electricity consumption in a simple way, not only the one made, but the estimated future consumption. Podo issues 12 bills a year, which are easy to understand. www.mipodo.com


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