Integration of the energy monitor in the IoT platform Stringify

Smappee, the smart energy monitor, transforms private households into intelligent and energy efficient homes. With the integration of Smappee into the IoT platform Stringify, users are now given additional options for controlling their smart homes.

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Thanks to its sophisticated technology, the Smappee energy monitor detects the most important electrical appliances in the household and transmits their energy consumption data to the user's smartphone or tablet via an app. Smappee Comfort PlugsTM can be used to operate individual devices via mobile and even have them communicate with each other via trigger options. Smappee increases the automation, comfort, and safety in the household. Currently, the IoT platform Stringify integrates Smappee into its service portfolio and thus creates a further selection of exciting smart home functions.

"We are delighted to be working with Stringify. The company represents the vanguard in home connectivity and shares our goal of making our users' everyday lives more comfortable and easy," says Stefan Grosjean, founder and CEO of Smappee. The Stringify app connects numerous devices, including wearables and social services. In combination with Smappee, household appliances can be intelligently integrated through recognition of their energy consumption. The app provides support for everyday household tasks, for instance when Smappee detects that the dishwasher is ready, the user receives a push message. Since Stringify also integrates Sonos sound systems, applications with musical support can be implemented. For example, Stringify lets a certain song appear as soon as Smappee detects that the lighting is turned on. The application possibilities are endless and are becoming increasingly numerous thanks to the growing Stringify network.

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