Smart energy monitor Smappee announces partnership with energy comparison website

Belgian energy monitorSmappee is announcing its cooperation with the energy comparison website Smappee offers a smart energy saving solution for consumers via its home monitor and its accompanying smartphone application. The cooperation with will enable Smappee’s app to always command the cheapest energy supplier based on personal energy consumption data. Switching energy suppliers will be done through a simple interface that allows users to choose one of the proposed energy contracts. The partnership will greatly simplify the process of selecting energy suppliers. Although this service is currently only available in Belgium, Smappee plans to expand this service to other countries in the coming months.

Handle energy in a smarter way

Smappee is a smart energy monitor that sends real time energy consumption data to a user’s tablet or smartphone. Through the newly-announced cooperation with, which compares energy suppliers and their contracts, Smappee’s app, which monitors home energy usage, will propose an energy contract fitting the user profile best. This new feature will allow Smappee users to improve their energy budgets.

Zero chance at mistakes

Typically, consumers looking to switch energy providers need to input their energy bills to accurately compare the plans being offered by energy suppliers. This manual input system often leads to errors, which complicates the process. Through Smappee’s partnership, user data will immediately be fed into’s service, creating an accurate and more user-friendly experience.

Saving even more

Smappee already helps its users to save on energy consumption by tracking in real-time the amount of energy used.

This new cooperation enables even bigger savings, as switching energy suppliers is an easy and popular way to quickly save on energy bills. In October 2016, the difference in price for an average Belgian family between the market average and the cheapest energy supplier was £67.09. For gas, the difference in price was £134.77. Together, this is a total saving of £201.86 (source: VREG). The partnership deducts zero commission nor requires a membership fee from the users.  

How it works:

  1. Smappee users can use their app to compare their energy contract (electricity and/or gas).

  2. Based on their zip code and current supplier(s) the Smappee app then shows the prices being offered by other suppliers. Both the possible savings, additional costs, and the total year cost are shown.

  3. Switching suppliers can be done by simply clicking on one of the proposed energy contract. Then, users only need to fill in basic personal information. then takes care of the follow-up to finalize the migration.

For the time being this service is only available in Belgium, but Smappee plans to expand this service to other countries in which their product is available.