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Smappee Infinity - IT - Aliter Networks

aliter networks

'Smappee is helping consumers track and reduce their domestic energy consumption. Not only does the user become more mindful, but they’re able to lower their energy bills. Simple, but effective.' Read full article.
Smappee - VARTA Storage - energy storage - self consumption - alternergymag - US

Alternative Energy Magazine

'To ensure that energy can be successfully saved, it makes sense to first of all record the consumption of the individual devices in the home. This is where the energy monitor from Smappee comes into play. Combined with VARTA's energy storage units this provides enormous savings potential.' Read full article.
Smappee - autoconsumption - Green builder - 50 Hot Products - US

Green Builder Hot 50 Products

'Smappee is also the only energy monitor that can be programmed as an energy traffic controller in the home.' Read full article.
Smappee - Nest - the News -US

the News

'Smappee App Joins the “Works with Nest” Ecosystem. Smappee users already have all kinds of smart home possibilities thanks to the integration of Smappee into various Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. They can connect the devices in their home and control them using triggers.' Read full article.
Smappee - energy monitor - solar - blockchain - suncast - nico johnson - US


'Smappee is WAY more than just a monitoring device: it basically connects everything in the home, it integrates Blockchain and Smappee is a door-opener for solar installers to get into offering smart home services!', Nico Johnson. Listen to podcast.
Smappee - Nest - Smart Energy International - US

Smart Energy International

'Partnership with Nest helps boost home energy management.' Read full article.
Smappee - CES - Chris Crowell - Solar Builder - US

Solar Builder

'The Smappee is the coolest thing we saw the entire week.' Read full article.
Smappee - energy monitor - Matt power - Green Builder - South Portland - Maine - Washington Post - US

The Washington Post

'We need people to start competing with themselves and each other to see who can use the least resources. For example, an app called Smappee is available to monitor how much electricity is being used by every device in your house.' Read full article.
Smappee - energy data - PV Tech - US

PV Tech

'Smappee reveals previously unseen and highly valuable energy information for homeowners to make informed decisions about their energy consumption.' Read full article.
Smappee - Solar - Autoconsumption - Richard Ness - Embedded Computing Design - US

Embedded Computing Design

'With Smappee you can take control of the energy use in your home, especially if you’re using solar. Aimed at the growing number of homes with solar and other renewable technologies, Smappee Plus acts like an energy traffic cop by directing the energy flow within the home to maximize energy efficiency.' Read full article.
Smappee - energy monitor - energy savings - Pamela Largue - Metering & Smart Energy - US

Metering & Smart Energy

'The solution enable homeowners to identify energy efficiency potentials through access to real time data regarding on-site energy generation, storage and use.' Read full article.
Smappee - smart home - Smart Cities Dive - US

Smart Cities Dive

'The storage, analysis and delivery of smart home data to a user platform involves multiple technologies and processes. For example, some energy monitors, such as Smappee, locally employ analytics because the device produces copious amounts of granular data, and it does not make sense to send all of this information to the cloud.' Read full article.
Smappee - energy monitor - Kate Whitney - pickmysolar - US


'If you’re interested in tracking your energy usage over the long-term, Smappee may be a good choice for you', Kate Whitney. Read full article.
Smappee - energy efficiency - Builder online - US

Builder Online

'Ideally suited for homes with solar and other renewable technologies, Smappee Plus acts as an energy traffic controller by directing the energy flow within a user’s home to maximize both energy efficiency and clean energy payback.' Read full article.
Smappee - Solar - Solar Power World - US

Solar Power World

'Smappee also provides solar professionals with a direct route into the growing smart home market with a superior differentiated product that sets them apart in an increasingly competitive solar market.' Read full article.
Smappee - cleaner energy - start up - Control Solutions Inc

Control Solutions Inc

'Smappee is one of the 25 Startups committed to cleaner energy for commercial buildings.' Read full article.
Smappee - energy efficiency - energy monitor - PV Magazine USA

PV Magazine USA

'Smappee Brings World’s Most Advanced Home Energy Monitoring System to the Solar Market.' Read full article.
Smappee - energy efficiency - energy monitor - Solar Novus Today - US

Solar Novus Today

'Smappee Home Energy Monitoring Comes to US Market. The Smappee Plus will be sold exclusively to solar distributors and installers. The company aims to address the recurring issue of high customer acquisition costs.' Read full article.
Smappee - The Inquirer

The Inquirer

'Best IoT devices for the connected home. Smappee is like no other energy monitor we've seen. It learns the 'signatures' of devices using the electricity supply and over time it can build a list of how much electricity you are using, what items are being turned on and off, and which are the main offenders for making your bills jump sky high.' Read full article.
Financial Times

Financial Times

'We all have a personal carbon footprint and we can do something about it. There are factors in our control.' Read full article.
Smappee - Asia One

Asia One

'It can tell you if the TV or computer was switched on as soon as your children got home from school. It can also tell you if someone switched on the lights and is taking a shower at 11pm, when the person was supposed to be home by 7pm.' Read full article.

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