Advanced energy IoT technology integration.

The smart energy transition is happening so why not find a trusted third-party manufacturing partner who stays one step ahead of the rapidly changing technology? By collaborating with Smappee, you can rest assured that you will be integrating a future-proof energy management solution.

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Interoperability with IOT

Interoperability: Fast development and integration.

At Smappee, we know that interoperability is critical for OEM integration. We work with IP based connections and standards such as ModBus, MQTT and OCPP to quickly develop new use cases and speed up integration. Our “Works With” page lists the IoT products and platforms that we are already compatible with; by integrating Smappee, you are also integrating with many other products and technologies.

One-stop shop: Fully integrated development.

Smappee is your one-stop development OEM partner, with a suite of vertically and horizontally integrated solutions. Smappee monitors not just consumption but also production, providing granular real-time, historical and projected data down to the appliance level. In addition to a full range of data options, we also help facilitate control of appliances to further optimize energy usage. If you want a complete vertically integrated solution, we can help with hardware design, embedded systems, UI/UX, interoperability, artificial intelligence and cloud connectivity.

Vertical and horizontal integration
Complete, comprehensive submetering

Submetering: Detailed insights and increased efficiency.

Smappee offers three options: taking advantage of traditional submetering via the installation of clamps in the fusebox, integrating a Smappee Switch which is also a single-phase submeter, and using our patented load disaggregation technology for submetering or appliance recognition. The result is the most complete and comprehensive set of submetering options on the market, allowing OEM customers to lock in the level of accuracy, installation requirements and budget that best fits their needs.

Data visualization tailored to your needs.

Smappee offers a full range of interfacing options, with visualization of your data tailored to your needs. Our user-friendly consumer App offers different levels of branding and customized message options for our partners. We provide a comprehensive professional desktop Dashboard for in-depth data analysis with an easy download button, and a well-documented API to integrate with EMS/BMS systems.

Dashboard, app and API

How to benefit from Smappee?

Fuse protection. Smappee automatically adjusts the charging process of EVs or switches appliances on or off based on the available energy, avoiding the risk of overloading the main breaker.

Transparent energy use and costs. Smappee offers insights in energy consumption and costs, down to the appliance level, avoiding surprises on the energy bill, even with a heat pump, AC or car chargers present.

Auto-consumption optimization. Smappee automatically steers controllable loads such as EV charging stations, heating, cooling and some appliances. As such, it maximizes auto-consumption of the solar energy produced.

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