6 ways to give your business a boost.

  • Look to the future. Incorporate Smappee into your construction plans or other projects.
  • Take your services to the next level by incorporating Smappee into your offering.
  • Make your product even better with our OEM White Label technology.
  • Get inside the Smappee ecosystem and make your product compatible with Smappee.
  • Grow with us. Become a Smappee reseller.
  • Become a Smappee Certified installer and offer your clients the technology of the future, today.
Smappee - Futureproof energy management - construction

Be future-proof. Incorporate Smappee into your project.

Smart ecological thinking is an indispensable building block of every new project, whether it is a smart home, city, office or part of a larger entity. Smappee allows you to include energy efficiency right from the start. We offer the technology and the vision.

Discover the story of Smappee and an energy-neutral city in Dubai. See how the WWF is reducing its energy consumption around the world with Smappee.

Take your services to the next level with Smappee.

Smappee can really improve your services. To give a specific example: a solar installer can offer potential clients a Smappee. This enables the installer to tell them exactly how much money they can save and how many solar panels are required. Are you interested in using Smappee as a ‘foot in the door’? Contact us here

Read Enaio’s story.
Smappee - Futureproof energy management - solar industry
Smappee - Futureproof energy management - NILM technology

Make your product even better with Smappee technology.

Charging points, energy storage systems, batteries, solar panels, smart meters… Our OEM White Label technology makes them even smarter and more efficient.

Discover how Smappee and EasyMeter raise the bar for smart meters.
Smappee - Futureproof energy management - compatible with

Get inside the Smappee ecosystem.

Smappee welcomes you to the world of the ‘Connected Home’: a smart home or smart business site where all appliances talk to each other. Smappee is compatible with many ‘Internet of Things’ platforms, such as Nest, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Stringify. In addition, Smappee uses MQTT and thus opens the door to a lot of smart home integrations. Read more here.
Are you interested in connecting your own device or technology to the Smappee ecosystem? Connect with MQTT or let us know here.

Smappee - Futureproof energy management - compatible with

Grow with us. Become a Smappee reseller.

Smappee is growing fast. Our users are genuine ambassadors. The world is becoming increasingly ready for our technology. We provide free info sessions, marketing materials and partner discounts. And the energy your customers save will increase your profitability.

Smappee - Futureproof energy management - certified installer

Become a Smappee Certified installer and enjoy numerous benefits.

Join the Smappee family. Enjoy the numerous benefits of being a partner: you will receive free training and materials to help you install and sell our products. Our helpdesk will provide personal support and we will pass on potential customers to you.

Register for our free online training.

Register here and learn all about the Smappee ecosystem and how to install Smappee Plus and Smappee Pro quickly and easily.

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