Here’s everything that
works with Smappee.

Smappee works with all kinds of things – smart devices, smart home platforms and smart home operating systems. Discover all the smart tools that are compatible with Smappee.

Nest Thermostat works with Smappee

Nest Learning ThermostatTM

Consult and control your Nest thermostat remotely. Connect with Nest in the Smappee app. Just go to Control.
VARTA battery works with Smappee

VARTA Storage

View how the energy flows interact with your energy storage system (only for Smappee Plus and Pro users). Go to Control in the Smappee app to connect with VARTA Storage.
Home Control works with Smappee

Niko Home Control

Optimize your energy use in your smart home. Go to the Niko Home Control platform and add your Smappee.
Netatmo works with Smappee

Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station

Make your ventilation turn on automatically when your weather station detects levels of carbon monoxide above a certain threshold. Connect your ventilator to a Smappee Switch smart plug and implement the formula here.
Daikin Air Conditioning works with Smappee

Daikin Air Conditioning

Only use your air conditioning system when your solar panels neutralize the consumption of your Daikin unit. Activate the applet here.
Netatmo works with Smappee

Netatmo Smart Thermostat

Connect your AC to a Smappee Switch and make it turn on automatically when the temperature is above the specified threshold. Create this flow here.
Tado works with Smappee

Tado Smart Thermostat

Turn off your appliances with a high stand-by consumption when your smart thermostat detects you’re not at home. Check out the automation code here.
Netatmo works with Smappee

Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

Reduce your always-on power. Turn off appliances with a high stand-by consumption when it’s silent in the room. Activate the formula here.
Nest Protect works with Smappee

Nest ProtectTM

Smappee lets you know if gas is being used unnecessarily when high levels of carbon monoxide are detected. Go to Control in the Smappee app to connect with Nest.
Netatmo works with Smappee

Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Set up a formula to turn on your humidifier when your air quality monitor detects humidity values below a certain level. Connect your humidifier to a Switch and install this tool here.
Philips Smart lighting works with Smappee

Philips Hue Lights

Turn your lights red when your consumption is going wild. Find the formula here. Turn the lights green when you’re doing a good job saving energy. Activate here.
Flic smart button works with Smappee


Control your devices connected to a Flic smart button based on the activity in your home. Make your own smart formulas with Flic here.
IFTTT applets works with Smappee

If This, Then That

Connect all your smart devices. Create recipes based on your Smappee data to automate your energy flows. Experiment with existing formulas or create your own here.
Conrad Connect works with Smappee

Conrad Connect

Connect all your smart home appliances with Smappee on the Conrad Connect platform. Create Projects and automate over ten conditions from one trigger. Connect your Smappee here.
Smappee smart home protocol

Smappee speaks
Smart Home

We work with IP based connections and standards such as ModBus, MQTT and OCPP to quickly develop new use cases and speed up integration. Connect with these smart home protocols on their platforms or contact us here.

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