Infinite possibilities.

Smappee’s real-time energy insights, data visualization tools, and control options offer businesses and consumers an infinite range of possibilities. Whatever the electrical situation, challenge, or conditions, Smappee has the answer. From smart EV charging and optimized self-consumption to Modbus energy metering for multi-sites, pick and choose the features and services you require to deliver a solution that fits your needs.

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Smart EV charging.

Smappee works from inside the breaker panel to monitor, control, and harmonize energy flows, including EV charging. When energy consumption in one area increases, such as when users start cooking or when a production line is running at full capacity, Smappee will automatically manage the energy flows in such a way that less power goes to the EV charger, so no fuses are blown. Read more. Read more.


Optimized self-consumption.

Appliances and devices should first use the energy generated by a photovoltaic system before it is sent back to the grid. Self-consumption, utilising the energy that has been generated, facilitates not only the world’s energy transition but also means huge energy cost savings. Instead of returning excess energy to the grid, energy traffic controllers such as Smappee Infinity ensure that the generated solar power goes to smart appliances or batteries. Read more.

Dynamic load balancing.

Smappee can automatically manage energy flows in the best possible way using integrated third-party systems, the Smappee Switch, and custom-created scenes. For example, why not use your solar power for your heat pump instead of sending it back to the grid, or store it in your home battery for later use? It can automatically manage energy flows so that less power goes to the charging station of your electric car when you start cooking, so the fuses won’t blow. This control over your energy flows enables you to optimize energy efficiency and self-consumption, turning your building into a smart, decentralized power hub.


Energy cost savings.

WWF uses Smappee to make its operations more energy-efficient and to determine the size of the solar installation for each office. Smappee is an affordable solution for companies with different offices that want to track and control energy locally but also centrally. It is a great way to show employees and management the otherwise invisible energy consumption and to increase energy efficiency substantially. Read more.

Grid monitoring.

Decentralized energy generation disrupts the balance between the different grid phases. Grid operators use Smappee as a mobile solution to monitor the energy flows (5A up to 1000A) in the transformer cabins. Based on Smappee’s insights, the balance will be restored by shifting energy flows to different phases or by installing a battery or larger transformer and thus safeguarding the grid’s proper functioning. Read more.


Control over HVAC.

In the areas of heating and cooling, small changes in consumption can substantially affect costs. Property managers use Smappee to identify consumption patterns at night and in the weekends, which can then be remedied by programming the HVAC units accordingly. Smappee also allows to measure and verify the savings as a consequence of energy savings policies. Read more.

Compliance with ISO energy standards.

Monitoring and controlling energy consumption at construction sites not only has the advantage of meeting ISO energy standards, it also makes construction companies more energy efficient and saves them money. Smappee Infinity is easy to install and is compatible with any breaker panel, making it the perfect solution for temporary sites. Read more.


Partners trust our technology.

Whether it is bidirectional EV charging, smart office buildings or the rollout of our sustainability objectives, partnering with leading firms like ENGIE, Smappee and EVBox is helping us to meet our sustainability goals and future-proofing our business.

Jan Willem Weissink, Managing Director of Schiphol Real Estate at Royal Schiphol Group

Nobody leaves a tap running. And yet everybody wastes energy. Smappee helps you detect invisible energy consumption. It is an easy and affordable way to gain valuable insights into and more control over your energy consumption.

Jean-Philippe Denruyter, Manager for Applied Energy Solutions of WWF

It was important for us that the Smappee technology could integrate with our current products, as well as with our future products. That, together with the speed at which integration could happen, gave us a significant headstart on our competition.

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO at EVBox

Before our customers can manage their energy, they first need detailed insight into their production and consumption. Smappee offers them the perfect tools for that and visualises this in an intuitive way.

Gordon Clements, General Manager VARTA Storage
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