Self-consumptionSmappee users receive actionable, in-depth energy data and know exactly how much of their solar energy is used for their own consumption (self-consumption) and how much of their consumption is covered by their solar energy (self-sufficiency). Smappee offers several smart options to enable auto-consumption. In this blog we’ll explore them step-by-step.

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23 april 2020

Smappee solar forecastSmappee users can use Smappee’s dynamic load balancing technology and automations to optimise their solar usage. As of now, they can even start controlling flows based on predicted available solar energy. This blogpost unravels the secret behind Smappee’s solar forecast.

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15 avril 2020

Smappee new appNous avons conçue la Smappee App spécialement pour soutenir les innovations Smappee actuelles et futures et pour perfectionner l’expérience de l’utilisateur Smappee. Ci dessous, vous trouverez également une liste des nouvelles fonctionnalités et la façon de les utiliser. 

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8 April 2020

Budderfly energy metering commercial sites

Budderfly, a North American energy efficiency as a service company and a fast-growing venture capital backed Energy Service Company (ESCO), has been active in this market for some time, offering energy efficiency solutions to many types of facilities. As Budderfly’s customer base grew, it became clear that they needed a more cost-efficient and easier to install meter solution for the thousands of commercial locations they serviced. In addition, any solution had to work with Budderfly’s unique managed energy services agreement (MESA) contracting model which emphasized quick installations and no out of pocket costs for each client.

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30 mars 2020

Smappee Dashboard

Smappee fournit une grande quantité de données énergétiques utiles et pratiques, disponibles de plusieurs manières. Elles peuvent être consultées via une API à intégrer aux systèmes EMS/BMS, une app conviviale pour les consommateurs et un tableau de bord professionnel et exhaustif pour une analyse approfondie. Découvrons le Smappee Dashboard !

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20 February 2020

4 steps to save energy in your homeNext to transportation, households are the largest energy-consuming sector. E.g. households account for 27.2% of the total final energy consumption in the EU. It has become obvious that it’s crucial to lower the energy consumption of our households as much as possible. But how do you change your energy habits? It’s challenging but our 4 easy steps will already take you a long way.

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29 January 2020

Smappee Smart meter moduleSmappee is launching a smart meter module that adds intelligence to all digital energy meters world wide. The module is plug and play and reads the smart meter to offer consumers valuable insights into their energy consumption. Via the Smappee App they can track the always on power, gas and water consumption and real-time data on energy consumption and production. These insights allow them to save energy, money and the environment. The product can be tailored to any smart meter worldwide with corresponding app, dashboard and packaging. 

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15 janvier 2020

Smappee app

Notre application, facile d'utilisation, vous offre un aperçu en temps réel mais aussi des historiques de votre consommation électrique, solaire, de gaz et d'eau en kWh, sous forme de graphiques et de montants. L'application Smappee Energy Monitor pour iOS et Android est disponible depuis Appstore ou GooglePlay, et en 6 langues. Les utilisateurs peuvent détecter en permanence la puissance et les ogres énergétiques, et en savoir plus sur leur consommation d'énergie et le coût de celle-ci. Elle leur permet également de contrôler les appareils connectés et d'automatiser les flux afin d'optimiser l'efficacité énergétique.

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21 November 2019

Off-grid greenhouse with Kaseco Plus, Smappee, UGent and HowestKaseco+ is the architectural office behind the first autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse in Belgium.The building, which serves as a home and office space, is made up of bio-ecological, renewable materials or materials that are fully recyclable. A team from University of Ghent and Howest are using Smappee to help the building go completely off grid.

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Kortrijk / Cologne, 7 november 2019

Smappee and EEBUSSmappee has started the integration of EEBUS communication in its energy management products and solutions. With EEBUS, connectivity and compatibility to all categories of key energy devices is realised and enables Smappee’s energy gateway to optimise demand and supply based on standardised use cases. With regard to software integration, Smappee works with KEO GmbH, the leading EEBUS integrator with years of experience in EEBUS implementations.

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