Thanks to Smappee energy monitors you always know how much energy you consume and produce, wherever you are. For more comfort, a better insight and sustainable energy savings up to 30%.

energy monitors

Futureproof energy management.

Do you have solar panels, batteries, an electric car or heat pump? Then knowing exactly how much they produce or consume is vital. Too much solar energy? Simply allocate it to your water heater. Smappee helps you keep an overview of all the energy flows in your home, so you can save money more easily.

energy monitors - IoT

The gateway to a world of IoT solutions.

Smappee uses the MQTT smart home protocol, paving the way for a huge range of smart home products and services. Welcome to the world of the Connected Home, a smart home or smart company premises, in which appliances communicate with each other and certain events are automated. Discover Smappee’s compatible IoT solutions here.

Countless benefits.

Real-time energy data Real-time energy data
Self-consumption Optimised self-consumption
Appliance recognition Complete submetering
Learn and save up to 30%
Electricity, solar, gas and water Monitor electricity, solar, gas and water
Smappee app and Dashboard Interoperable with IoT products
Easy installation Operate appliances remotely
Save energy and money Good for your wallet and the planet

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Do you want to get Smappee Infinity in your home or upgrade your Smappee with extra modules? Great! The Smappee Infinity and Smappee EV Line are sold and installed exclusively through Smappee Certified Installers.

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