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Find out more about Smappee Infinity, Smart energy technology for commercial and industrial use. Carefully view the video's below.

Smappee Infinity modularity

Smappee Infinity is a modular energy monitoring solution, which is designed to be easily installed in existing and new installations. Smappee Infinity’s modular design allows you to add additional CTs through the use of CT Hubs. Smappee Infinity has three essential components: Smappee CT Hubs, Smappee Power Box and Smappee Genius. Find out more in this video.

How to install.

The installation procedure consists of the following 6 steps: planning and site preparation, initial setup and configuration, the physical installation, connecting with the Smappee cloud, configuration of the CTs and validating the installation. This procedure is done with the Smappee Energy Monitor mobile app. Find out more in this video.

Smappee Dashboard

This comprehensive web- based tool can be used for graphic and numerical analysis, to track data on a periodic basis (regular intervals: 5-minute, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly). Add the ‘Cards’ to visualise the data for each site according to your preference, easily compare results and export the required data as a .csv file, using the download button. The dashboard includes a first line support functionality, allowing you to help your customers remotely.

Smappee App

Our user-friendly consumer app is available for iOS and Android. It visualises real-time energy data and graphs with historical overviews by day, week, month and year. Consumers can detect always-on power, energy guzzlers and learn more about their energy consumption and how much it costs. The app also allows them to control connected appliances and to set scenes to automate energy flows that optimise energy efficiency. The app offers different levels of branding and customised messaging options for our partners. Find out more in this video.

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